Thursday, January 31, 2008

world cup in hamar

hamar was really not good for me....just 1m51.05 in 1500m and a terrible 14m27 in 10km....
baselga next week end can only be better ^^

Friday, January 25, 2008

world championship sprint

last week end i race my 1st world sprint championship in heerenveen. WSC is made of 2x500m and 2X1000m. sprint is good for me to train the opening of my 1500m as, starting is still my weak point on ice.
1st day i did a pb on 500m: 37.00sec (37.55sec before)
1000m: 1M13.4

2nd day:

next week end is the world cup in hamar: i race 1500m and 10km

european championship

in kolomna, i finished 24th from the EC. 500m was really not good as i hurt my groin muscle the week before, so i couldn t really make correct start....opening was then 11,3 in 500m with a lap of 27,4.
5000m :6m47
1500m: 1m50.85

final ranking:24th

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

finally got my visa....

today i finally got my visa.... as embassy was close for christmas holiday i was not sure to get it on time to go to kolomna. the organising comitee and some friend (gerrit van keulen) help me greatly to get it. thanks everybody.

now i will fly friday to kolomna from dusseldorf... and i will race saturday and sunday...