Thursday, December 28, 2006

2nd day for trial : 5km

5KM in groningen between alexis and pascal....
1- pascal 7m03
2- alexis 7m04

but not enought for pascal to go happy winner that will represente france at EK will be alexis...

after the 3 distances the dirrence was 0.9pts...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

french trials for EK

yesterday was 500m and 1500M for french trial to qualified for the EK (european championship). french union has only one place for this event so pascal and alexis organise a qualification event for it. it s base on 3 distances 500m 1500m and 5km.

1st day:
1- alexis:38.6sec
2- pascal: 39.2sec

1- alexis: 1M57.3
2- pascal: 1M58.6

Sunday, December 17, 2006

green jersey at greenery six day

6 days with the green jersey for pascal at the cool 6 days race...

Monday, November 13, 2006

world cup in heerenveen

pascal was racing world cup in heerenveen this week end. 1500m :1m53.6....and 5km:6m45.49 so he got 9th place in Bgroup ranking. that s is best time for this season even with all trouble for training as he is now in nantes coaching the training center for inline skating.

next week end is berlin world cup with 1500m and 5km ...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

5km test in heerenveen...

6m50"96 is the last time of pascal on a 5km test race on minday evening in thialf...

after the race he went back to france to work at the training center in nantes...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

3Km test in heerenveen

yesterday was test race evening in the nice stadium from heereveen, thialf.
pascal raced a 3km : 3m58sec , his 2nd best time on this distance...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

result test groningen and race in alkmaar

saturday alain get the green racing ranking. he is now 1st and will race next week end in green
roger crash in the last lap and race a 7m04 in his 1st 5km in groningen on sunday evening.
pascal race a good 500m in groningen with a 38.79 and a ok 5km with 6m59.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

powerplay race sbs6

after another week of training, powerplay skaters race this week end.

roger, alain, jorrit and michiel race in top divisie for the marathon series live on sbs6 at 18h tonight. stephan race in A-group. tomorow pascal, race 500m and 5000m in groningen...

tomorow the results...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

thomas in heerenveen ...jump training

yesterday thomas arrived in heerenveen for a week of training. he check with pascal some new jump for the weight lifting program and some exercice for training corners with elastic.

later in the day, thomas did also a little bit of ice speed skating in groningen ice stadium...

Monday, October 09, 2006

groningen test race

yesterday, was a test race in groningen. pascal meet egbert post and willy langeland some good friend from kardinge ice rink. pascal did a 500m in 39,07 and a 1500m in 1m57'89.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

alain make the show for POWERPLAY

good job alain, after only 3 races in the top division he got a 2nd place. roger and pascal got 23th and 43th. so now the POWERPLAY team jump to place 9th in the team ranking with a pretty confortable 98pts.
every saturday evening at 18pm is the race and you can see the race at 19m from a link at or on the website of

Thursday, October 05, 2006

pro model shoes

Pascal Briand Pro BootCarbon shell
boot fully heat mouldable
microfibre upper material
aero flap with micro adjustable buckle (replaceable)
waxed laces
side abrasion protection
Poron™ ankle padding
Poron™ heat mouldable tounge padding
Lorino™ lining; Mounting
195mm X-slot mountingSize: 37 - 47

Here is the 1st "Briand Pascal" shoes ever made, they are already available and it seems netherland skater already like this design. Pascal developped it with POWERSLIDE with the idea to have simple colors linked to world championship, clear design not full of things that are not always necessary so the boot can be light.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

training and team presentation

Today was weight lifting training for a part of the team, pascal, alain and roger. program is based with combinaison of squat and jumps...

Later in the day was the POWER-PLAY.NL team presentation. that was time to introduce powerplay business, the new magasine PODIUM and the schaats team Powerplay.

Monday, October 02, 2006

ZDF show in Mainz

Yesterday was a demonstration race for inline skating in mainz. this event was organised by ZDF , the great german TV channel that support inline skating. race was mainly time trial 10km and a report was on TV. beside the event you could see kids race, kids clinic organised by powerslide.

At the end of the day, team rollerblade international and team powerslide international was doing a show and a puirsuit to present the high level part of the sport...

That s good event for the sport, good to have tv coverage... may be a concept idea to develop in some other countries...

utrecht qualification race 2

saturday , about 100 skaters start again for 100laps in utrecht for the 2nd race of the qualification week end race.
the race has been stopped 23 laps to go , due to a bad fall of 2 skaters...

it seems it could have a been a sprint finish as attack was not really hard , and skater not so motivated to breakaway on this heavy ice in utrecht.

next week end, skater will get point also for individual ranking, so the battle should be harder. this race is gonna be "live" in SBS6 in netherland.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

utrecht: team qualification race...

Friday was the 1st marathon race in utrecht. team powerplay got ranked at place 11th of the 24 team. the first 3 races make the ranking then every race, 1 team is out of top competition and go down to the 1-series race.

Alain Gloor got 21st and Roger Schneider 23rd. i got a problem on my right skate... my inside edge was out after few laps so i couldn't skate so good, i had to stop after about 40laps...

Then we went back to the hotel in Wolvega, cook some pasta, and went pretty fast to sleep cause saturday is second race...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

hotel in wolvega , training in utrecht

hey, after a 10 days training camps in berlin, it s time to be in netherland for a while. in wolvega, with team powerplay we wait 1st race tomorow evening, 18h00.
we are the most international team for the marathon racing event, with the new competition system, top competitie....
6 guys in the team, 3 netherland, 2 swiss with roger schneider and alain gloor, and a french (i)...
... powerplay is based in hotel in wolvega, holland inn...pretty cool place... pascal biked with roger in the morning and check nice landscape around, in the evening all team skated in utrecht on funny ice... mix with water... tomorow race will be cool...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

training in france

here is "pascal briand" august month of training, that was a pretty good one... no injury anymore...everything is working fine...
pascal did some short track including his 1st race...^^ not so easy
...but it seems he learned a lot for long track corner...
also, now pascal can feel the benefit from endurance training ...
the week end training is in the pyrennee with cedric supiot for riding in the mountain...(col du soulor, col du tourmalet, col du plat d adet, col d'aspin)
ok, so here is what i did, number is the day of august...

here is his diary book for a month...
1st line is morning training, 2nd line is afternoon training...

short track: wu relay, 3 relay of 7x3laps (11.2sec) with 2 skaters.
10minft, offskate flex 3x10, short track 4x5t en 10.4sec
rest ,prepare skate with thierry
10minft,short track 5x2ten 9.9sec
short track2X8t en 11.4sec
short track 1000m x2 : serie:1m40.72
SHORT TRACK 1000M X2 : 1/2FINALE:1M37.75
short track 500m x2 serie 48.8 1/2FINALE 48.7SEC
back to nantes
bike 2h30
weight lifting: arraché 2x6 squat 2x6 , jump 1leg2x4, double side jump2x6
FT, 5Min , 7Min at 153ppm , 7min at 166ppm
bike 2h at 141ppm
weight: wu, 3x6rep front step, 3x6push up,3x5jump one leg
bike 2h15 at 135ppm
inline:7min,2steig, 2fly start, 4x60m stand start
rest go to mountain
bike col du soulor: 1H40
bike: col du tourmalet 2H11 150ppm
bike col du plat dadet: 1h10 up54min 174ppm down 15min 110ppm
bike: col d aspin: 1H27…up 1H00 158ppm down 27min 111ppm
rest back from mountain
weight lifting: arraché 3x6 squat 3x6 , jump 1leg3x5, double side jump3x5
inline:6min, 2 steig, 2x5x300m/500m
inline:6min, 2steig, 400m 800m 1200m, elastique
bike 1H07 at 110ppm ,rain rain rain
weight lifting 3X6rep front step, 3X6 squat, 3x5 one leg jump, 2x5double side jump , 3x6push up
inline:6min, 2 steig, 2fly start, 3x100m
FT 4min , 6x3min/3min (ppm 175/120) , 4min
inline: 6min, stop, armsring right tired;…
bike 2h at 141ppm
FT:4min , 7min at 153ppm, 7min at 173ppm, 7min at 168ppm
rest cause still feel left armsring …
bike 2h20 at 129ppm
weight lifting 3X6rep front step, 3X6 squat, 3x5 one leg jump, 2x5double side jump , 3x6push up
inline:6min, 2steig, 400m 800m 1200m
inline:6min 2steig, 2x 6x300m/500m
inline: 6min, 2 steig , 2 flying, 4x 100m
weight lifting 3X6rep front step, 3X6 squat, 3x5 one leg jump, 2x5double side jump , 3x6push up
FT: 4min , 7x3min/3Min
inline: 6min, 2 steig , 2 flying, 4x 100m
bike :1h20
FT:4min 7min at 160, 7min at 170, 7min at 168, 7min 173
weight lifting, 3x6 arraché, 3X6 squat, 3x5 one leg jump, 2x5double side jump , 3x6push up
short track: 6min, 2 steig, 2x5x 300/500m
bike 3h30 at 131ppm
weight lifting 3X6rep front step, 3X6 squat, 3x5 one leg jump, 2x5double side jump , 3x6push up
short track: 6min, 2 steig, 2 flying, 4x100m

Saturday, July 01, 2006

small injury

last thursday, Pascal went in the afternoon for a small run and few running start with alexis. in wolvega,nl there is a inline skating track but side to this place it s quiet good for running. they went for 10 standing start (20m). all was going pretty well, but after number 5 repetitions, pascal felt something at is armring, left legs... that s injury time, so he stop for 4 days...minimum , may be 10...

blog opening ceremony

hi ,
here is opening ceremony for "briand pascal"blog... it s gonna be a way for him to keep in touch wiht friends, family and others. it s gonna be also a place for news about ice , inline, training and product information...