Saturday, October 31, 2009

1500m erfurt day 5

so my time 1M51.7....

Friday, October 30, 2009

nice picture from old times and training video

the video is not so good , i dont know what happen with the music , but still nice to watch the picture from those days... also a video from my jump training from monday

erfurt day 5

today i bike 2h with colin...nice uphill around erfurt. we try to reach a place at the top of a hill where we could see a monument...but never find the road to get there...

here is small video of my start training from thursday...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

erfurt day 4

this morning i went to track and field...warm up as usual then my running serie 10 20 30 40 30 20 10m...then 3 standing start... just after i jump on the ice for 12laps, and 2 x 5x300mfast/500mcool...then 3 flying start, 2 standing start and 10laps again... after i went back to track and field place cause it s nice warmer and i did some core training and some stretching... then lunch and nap... then i bend my skate ...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

erfurt day 3 bis

erfurt day 3

so tuesday i just skate one....and today i skate in the morning 10laps, 5laps fast around 29,7avg inner lane...then 10laps and 5laps 30.0avg out of inner lane...then i did my core training and some stretching as u can see a bit on the video. in the afternoon i had to change the fornt tyre of the car cause we explode one during the trip zakopane erfurt....and then i bike 2H with colin around

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

erfurt now

now i m in erfurt...yesterday i bike in the morning 1H30 and i did my sprint jump session in the evening.
today i skate on the ice , and got really good feeling...i can tell u glide more in erfurt than in zakopane^^. on the ice i did 10lap, 2x200m, 1X300m 1X400, 1X300...3 flying start, 2 standing start...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009


todya i skate a 1500m...1m55.something....still not so good ice, and still this damm altitude problem i can t solve. why my body don t understand how to adapt here? it is just 1000m and i m like a slow junior. so after this race i went bike 30min ...important to recovery a little better. after 1500m legs are full of it is never bad to active system to clean a bit...specially cause tomorow i race 1000m so if i don t want to die after 400M i better do it. also i did some resistance stretching again this morning after breakfast...i work my (brain) armsring...and my (bladder) gluteus muscle group... i could feel the difference in the warm up this morning. my hip was more free to move. ... tonight i eat pizza with colin speaking about all classic, our loves, tehcnics, the pizza^^ and results from other skaters. ...then i sharp my the speed of light...

Friday, October 23, 2009

today was pain in the

500m in zakopane went ok 38,1sec for me is ok 10,6 opening ...
then 5000m 7m14 hehe ok i didn t fight it too much and didn t get the best ice ever....but anyway ^^ i never did a 5000m on such a white ice...feel like glue, but good training anyway...
it is gonna feel really different next week end in erfurt i know...

then i bike a little...

tomorow i race 1500m...hope the ice is little better otherwise it is gonna be just pain again, but still i learn


i bike for 1H10 in the morning....after my core and push up of course.
then in afternoon i went in the city ...and at 4pm was ice training...10laps, 2x200m, 1X300m, 1X400m, few start and i m done....30min bike to recovery.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

find some good motivation

this morning i realize that i left my parents house in 1995...since that i m almost never been back home cause traveling around the world...since 14 years now... i miss them a lot and know that i will never been here training without the help they gave me. so today i train for them...parents, brother sister... yesterday afternoon was rest cause i couldn t anymore...this morning back on track with core push up...then running sprint and jumps...then 30min bike

Monday, October 19, 2009

ice training and bike

today was cool day 9am on the ice after a good long warm up...causé 2°c...
then 15lap, 2x200m ...1x300m, 1X400m 1X600m 1X400m and few start...then laps easy to cool down and try to understand technical thinks.
i start to skate in lower position now, my legs get use to it. i can put more power in my hip too, i also start to look more in front which is good otherwise my butt go up when i look down and my back get too round.
i m also learing how to move better my left arm in corner...

then i went to the gym, core training, like 6 differents exercice, plus some for lower back, push up...about 50... then bike 30min (boring)

in th eafternoon i biked again 1H30 but was less boring cause colin was there to speak and witek too...we watch xmen wolverine origin at same time...but my attention was going away from the movie, to think of technic...i m getting addicted to solve technical fact i know i will do this till it is done gone. there is no other option.

Sunday, October 18, 2009 progress

ok, now we have ice...i could skate correctly this morning...
so today , i did...push up and core again...
then ice..3X15lap then 30min bike
then slide board 2X10min 30sec/30sec and elastic work 2X4min 10sec.10sec...some more core
then 20min bike again...
colin is back form the trio is complete...colin witek and i...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

zakopane...the place not to be

ok, zakopane 2nd try...and u know what...still a big joke 10days they couldn t really make the ice good i couldn't skate today. the manager of the track start to put pressure and ask for ice at 9am tomorow...otherwise i don t know...
anyway, so far zakopane the place not to be...can u imagine no ice 7 days before the polish championship start here...what a if it is not ready at 9am....i go to berlin^^

beside this zakopane is nice place...i just need ice^^

so then today, i did push up and core...till i couldn t do one more...then breakfast, then i went to weight room and did my jump program 4 times...then 5x1min slide board again to fix my arms, then i bike 20min
in the afternoon i little nap, but no sleep just lay...then i bike 1H20 and did 5X1min static in low position....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

slide board and inline

yesterday after breakfast i went direct to the gym. doing some slide board exercice with a mirror to correct technique. joey mantia is also doing this. i recommand you to go on his blog and check , also super interesting information: real champion to share all this.
so after slide board, i went do some low walk for about 30minutes...4Min down , 1 rest....
after was time to go teach the kids...wonderfull training with them. they learn fast,they did 30km , with tehcnical advice every lap ... amazing difference in technic at the end.
in the afternoon, they did 20km again , then slide board, super leg, slide board and core... mainly all based on technic. i m so surprised that frenhc skater are not educate at all about technic. they are just skating without thinking of it;... i m happy i can educate them about this as i love it. looking all details and fix i can.

in the afternoon and evening i went with Joe the coach of artistic skating, to look how they train...super cool speaking with joe to improved the training. it is just as interesting to work this. i meet also a young talent 18years old, he looked so much like me at same age. just doing doing doing again and again his jump, till it is done good, smiling all the time. very award of his outside , but no feeling form the inside... interesting talk with him and his coach.

Monday, October 12, 2009

in france now...coahcing kids this week

i m again in france now for few days, coaching inline group from bordeaux...
between those training i do my jumps , core etc...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

move to berlin

ok...little problem with ice in zakopane...more than 20°c outside so they stop to make we just get in the car and move to berlin...for a test race...
1000m 1m13.27....still slow start but i got fastest last lap so things get better.
3000m 3m57....9sec faster than last week in thialf...better too.

still training really hard, and making so so so much more lap than last year...also lot more core training...every morning this week again...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

3rd day...

yesterday we could go in the ice...ok was not the best of the best, but enought for now. with witek we did some training with elastic 1st...4x2min of 15sec/15sec...then on the ice some 20 laps...

this morning, get up at 7h...then direct to the ice, warm up, 10laps, 2x200m, 10x1lap/1lap...then back to hotel for breakfast...then bike 30min, and stretching, standing smashing...

1500m thialf slow motion

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

500m thialf slow motion

2nd day zakopane

1H30 on the bike this morning after core and push up again... tonight 1st ice training here. here is few picture of bike ride...witek arrive yesterday...colin look the track and picture of ski jumping complex

Monday, October 05, 2009

1st training day in zakopane

wonderfull day here...may be too warm so ice is not sure could be a problem if not solve soon...anyway , this morning i did few core training and push up...then breakfast, then we went for 2H30 bike ride...between montains...wonderfull...a nice lunch and track and field training again, but little easier cause of altitude, i need to get use to it a bit.

Sunday, October 04, 2009 i am

today i drive with colin to zakopane. long day to drive there but we make it, not so much traffic for this 1300km to go.. place looks really good so far. tomorow i start to train of course.
cool to see the mountain again.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

thialf test

today i did a 500m in 37,58 and a 1500m in 1M51.5...that seems ok for me. best time was 1m49.4 from beorn i m not as far as usual^^.
feeling was good, i m less in pain in the 1500m i feel more condition so training is good i have to keep working like this.
time as good speacially when i keep hard training even the day before i was on the ice in the morning and 2H30 on the bike in afternoon.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

ice training data today

Results of 01 Oct 2009
Best time 29.407 (49.0 km/h)
Average Laptime 53.359 (27.0 km/h)
Laps 80 (32.0 km)
Total Time 1:11:08

little rain in track and field training

here is few picture of running start training this morning....little windy , little rain but i could easily still do my training
warm up
run 10 20 30 40 30 20 10m
3 standing start
3 superleg (2x4jump 80cm, 10cross, 10 squat jump, 10cross, 5 single leg push)
then core training

from the picture i can see i could bring my knee a little more up, also my foot could be more up...and my arms little more amplitude...
good point is im in line with my back and leg behind when it s stretch. i could feel i got good power back from it.

pinch and punch

a pinch and a punch for the 1st of the month...i just learn from Colin Coates that is what australian says at the begining of the month^^