Sunday, August 30, 2009

inline today

today was training on inline, 1h on the road in south of nantes. top weather.
about 30km in the training. no more pain at all in my foot which was pretected for the training. so good to know i can stay longer in my skate again.
tomorow i will go in the track...flying lap

Friday, August 28, 2009

inline , weight lifting, running

now i m back in training normally , still just one finger is not working correctly but it should come back. today i did my running start training, all is in order.
yesterday i inline 1h with 1min interval in it...i didn t loose so much condition.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

tomorow i restart to train

my hand hurt still so i can t really handle my bike anckle is still burning so no inline too...but i can run now and push some weight i think...
chiropract tomorow is plan as my back muscle start to relax so some body work can be done cause i don t feel straight at all...

Monday, August 17, 2009

bike crash

so as u can see i crash this morning on the bike during a sprint...i broke my chains...F*** so i crash on the left side. burn in many small different place, incredible i didnt get more...really lucky in some ways. the frame is destroyed, carbon broke in the higher tube...was 2 weeks new...good job man...other pieces looks older now but still work.
it was my first crash on the bike ever. so one of my finger look pretty injured...other things ok.
anyway i could feel training is paying good actually , my condition get on the right way. anyway now i rest few days to fix all the pain and go to chiropract to put everything in order at the right place...

sunday rest...sea side in saint brieuc and coaching

sunday i was in st coach gwendal and ewen, on the super track in st brieuc.
175m high corner ...this track is so so good, that is where i learn to skate .

rest of the day was rest with my parents and co

Saturday, August 15, 2009

running sprint

today was track and field training, runnning, and educative staff that i learn from steven last years. then start program follow by abs and jump program inspire from what i learn from geert kuipers when he was coach from pomaz and time out.
wonderfull weather...35°c...almost too hot but ok in the morning.

in the afternoon i went to coach the inliner who prepare for worlds...yann, brian...they did good. good guys...

alle hop en francais aussi un peu, pour les 103 visiteurs francais du jour...
donc ce matin je faisais un travail a pieds pour retrouver mon depart des grandes anné commence par des educatifs d'athletismes pour developper mon "pied" c'est a dire ma qualite d'appui au sol et renforcer les chevilles. ensuite des series de 10 20 30 40 30 20 10m progressivement accelerer enfin 3 departs arretes en duel contre le fameu thomas boucher.
ensuite, thierry forler donne la mesure pour environ 30min d'abodominaux...mathilde renou reste la chef en ce domaine ou je dois progresser...
ensuite on fait des sauts...un travail pliometrique de resistance qui consiste a faire 8 sauts pieds joints vers l'avant, puis 2x4haies , puis 10 sauts verticaux, puis 5 sauts latérals poussés une jambe...on enchaine le tout bien sur, pour etre sur d'etre essouflé et on pousse a 100% a chaque saut....que du bonheur. le bonheur est dans le saut...

Friday, August 14, 2009

today ok

today was cool...after the easy afternoon yesterday and a great night my body recovery fast in old days^^
2H bike was the plan with 2x5 time 10sec full went super good. i was surprised to recovery so fast form being so so tired is good sign for me... i have to keep going seems to be the way my body like. with many years of training i need hard stimuli to make my body react and build...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


not surprising but today i was the morning on inline 10min warm up on the track then 2x8 100M/100M short interval...i was going for 4 series but i was back to reality after 2...i need rest^^
in the evening, 28°c so i go for 1H man.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

inline training is rocking

tonight i was inlining ...some classic trianing for me 2X10min 30sec/30sec...that is what made me strong in the i m back to basics...
feel good the more i do the better i get even if i was super tired from morning training...

interval training on the bike and weight

this morning i bike 2h and then i did my weight training, 6x6 squat...
on the bike 3 series of 1min/1min...with thierry mathilde yann and cyril...was cool...nice to have little competition...i can see i still miss some acceleration is for sure in progress but i need more power...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

oldies but goodies

thanks franck cardin for the team tactic...there is no man like you in this world people should learn from this cause it was the same in a world championship...i remember franck stop for me in a semi final of a 500m in chili world championship...otherwise i was not in final....i won the final and my 1st world champion title....thanks franck...

training goes good

yesterday i bike then did some weight took me 3h total and it is nice. in th eevening i went to skate in a flat track that looks like a ice track, same corner just straight line are shorter. i did 10km to warm up, my legs was burning after 500m but i had to accept the feeling, after few training my body will get used to it, i just have to do it. after warm up, i did 3x350m ...a start of 100m plus a lap of 250m....look like a 500m on the ice... damm it is hard but so good at the same...

today, i wake up and my leg was so so... i went for sprint training on track and field but it was raining, so i wait a the afternoon weather was great...start start start start body feel biomechanically better than mast year, little pain in the right cavs and the left quadriceps...need to check the mobility of my hips...

feeling is good after this 3 mind like this rythm. i go sleep at 23h...tomorow i wake up a everyday since 2 weeks.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

1st test in thialf

this evenin was my 1st test race of the year...summer is strane feelin to skate on ice in august but it is super nice.
so 500m, 37,79...nothing special, 10,5 opening is correct
and 1500m 1m53 something...not so energy left.

so tomorow i can drive back to france...^^

500m inline vs ice

test race today

this evening i have a test race in thialf...500 and 1500m.
it is gonna be good opportunity to see if i improve a bit my start which is my biggest weak point so far on the ice...

also racing, thierry fortler for 500 1000m and mathilde renou 500 1500m... good that some french come on the we are now 6 skaters^^ with cedric michaud, tristan loy and alexis contin...

Friday, August 07, 2009

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hi everybody...
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salut a tous
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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

ice ice ice

this week i m training on the ice with thierry and mathilde. most of the time we bike or run in the morning and do ice in the evening. tonight i do some start on the ice...

Monday, August 03, 2009

european championship...and then ice

last week end i went in belgium to support french national team in oostende...for th european championship...ok we didnt start so good, but we will take revanche on the road...congratulation to antoine belzane for the 1st place in 500m track...

this week i will be in thialf to train on ice and try my new shoes...