Friday, December 03, 2010

back in france

i m now back in france now for work. it's nice to get back and meet again all skaters, coach and people from here. beside my work i train a bit. tuesday i run my classic 1200 800 400m... wednesday i run block 6min run/ 6min pliometric x 4...thursday i run 45min 3min/3min.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


tema pursuit in hamar was better but still not great. we made a plan so i dont lead cause of last week end, but i was feeling better and then alexis and benj had to do too much to compete for a better time.
i still need more training so i can understand more about this ice technic that is still not coming in my body. i see what i have to do but i can t make my body do it^^...but still i feel i understand more than the other years^^...

Thursday, November 25, 2010


last week end , i raced in berlin. 6m40.1 on 5000m....grrrr 0,1sec from qualification time for the 10km in hamar. anyway i m happy wiht it for now. after 5weeks on the ice 6m40 is my best 5000m race in europe. i have to enjoy this even if there is still a lot to do. this year my mind is more open to learn technic. i start to understand thing on ice i could not even see before. it s interesting.
sara is skating super great so i m really happy for her.

the team pursuit was terrible for me. after 4 laps i died like i never did before, that was really a day "without" for me. now i m in hamar for a 2nd team race...

Monday, November 08, 2010

in Heerenveen

i m in heerenveen now....nice to meet again some skaters^^ , few friends from new zealand, canada, sweden....nice people. i did 2 training skate this morning and 5x3 laps on the ice this afternoon. air pressure was super low 978 they said... where is the air resistance^^?

i train with sara...was good training. tomorow morning , back on the ice again

Sunday, November 07, 2010

going to world cup

today i m flying to heerenveen. i can t wait to see Sara ...
next week end we both race in the world cup, so nice, i will just race 1000m this week end thinking of getting more ready for berlin and hamar.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

6m42 in berlin

last week end i was in berlin, for little racing with benjamin, mathilde and sara. i skate 6m42 which is almost my best time ever in 5km in strange with so little ice training...but COOL.
sara also qualified 4m21....juhu...
and benjamin too...
mathilde race good with 4M33 so 2àsec faster than 2weeks ago...

Monday, October 25, 2010

litlle more ice...

here i m back in holland for my holiday time on ice^^
so to change a bit i can skate hehe i arrived and just race a marathon in amsterdam and finished 26th in a messi sprint where i didn t know when was hte sprint due to the breakaway.
then on sunday evening i race a 3km in groningen....4M08 was goodwith benjamin macé 4m11.... little confusing with the laps....butgood race. i feel better this yeareven if i skate much more less.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

get the mind : FAST

sorry video doesn t fit good in it...i don t know how to do better. any tips are welcome.
you can click on the video to find it on youtube.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

training in france

one more week before going back to heerenveen for some more training with the "new" french long track team. tristan still as coach will be with a total of 12 skaters next it will be ni
now, biking, running and jumping trying to get more condition. good point is that weather in toulouse is still good, no it's nice change compare to holland weather^^.

ce to skate with benjamin again...and soon also with alexis

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

medical test^^

this week i did my medical test. it s a serie of test to check the health of athlete that we have to do in france 2 or 3 times a year. sometimes we get interesting information to follow our shape.
good news this year is that i m 5kg lighter than last year at the same period and 3% less fat. it show me i eat better. good food is important for sport and last year i made mistake on this topics.
it s also probably a good reason why i was feeling better on the ice last week.

my heart rate when i rest was 44...which is also good. normally my lowest is 36 and my max is 209...

im still 183cm high^^ small chance that this value except when i will get too old...but not yet as some people try to make me feel^^ (not my friends^^)

blood value, i didn t get them yet...may be in few days.

Sunday, October 03, 2010


and the result is 6m49.13...which is good as i needed to do under 6m50...
i couldn't really do faster after just 5days on the ice but important point is done, i did minimum standard for world cup.

1st test of season 2010 2011

after a week on the ice, it's time for a 5km test tonight. main goal this season is to have a good team poursuit for france...
tristan loy is now main coach and we have new coming skaters...

more coming soon^^

Sunday, August 08, 2010


cool to see how we train every day and think our body is fit...
sometimes i see some video from another kind that make me think...^^

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

training in Pibrac with Cadet for euro

soon it is the end of the training for the cadets and co for euro...
preparation was good...and it was nice to skate sometimes with them to learn them some little tricks....let's see if they can use it in a week^^

Monday, July 19, 2010

picture from bike races

saturday i got 10th in 1st cate ufolep...
i hope i can find more FFC race soon...but here not so many so UFOLEP is good too...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

bike race again

2nd victory in a bike race yesterday evening in 2Nd cate^^

next race in 1st cate ... cool to be little in shape...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010


ok i m back for some little news...
now i train on my bike and race a little for ufolep federation...
i race my 1st race last sunday and won in 3rd categorie.....yesterday i raced the 2nd one and finish 2nd in 2nd categorie....

most of the time i m coaching some athlete from Midi Pyrénées in south of france....getting ready for euro in italy...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

valence 2001

merci delphine et rodolphe

Monday, March 08, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

ambiance in the street

few picture of different the street , in the Bon at german house...some friend from CNOSF...

last 2 days in vancouver, plus que 2 jours

encore une medaille francaise cette apres midi pour feter la fin proche des JO. bravo. demain, on fera la ceremonie de cloture et lundi on reprend deja l avion pour rentrer a la maison. avec tristan on savoure encore quelques instants ici, avec d autres athletes et notamment les patineurs de short track.

one more medal for france today to celebrate the coming end of those games. congratulation. tomorow it is gonna be the closing ceremony and then we fly back home. with tristan we enjoy last moment here with other athletes and specially with short track friends.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

quiet time...un peu de calme

i m just going easy with my blog in those days but soon i will keep more update with technical tips and so on... i just enjoy the games not and rest^^

pour le moment c est un peu calme..mais bientot je remettrai plus de news avec des conseils techniques et plus.... maintenant j apprecie juste les JO et du repos^^

few pictures

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tv show^^

just rest

amazing how my body already react and just wanted to rest^^....2 days i almost did nothing except enjoy the olympic show...
tomorow 10km for alexis....i help to coach for the board.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

thanks for all ur facebook comments^^

Severine Chauveau, Franck Pindeler, Sara Bouvet et 28 autres personnes aiment ça.
Jérôme Candelibes Bravo à Alexis et à toi sans oublier Tristan.
Rendez vous dans 4 ans......
Il y a 12 heures · Renan Le Houerff Bravo champion, 33e mais quel parcour avant de te trouver au départ de ce 1500 m.! Encore bravo pour ta carrirere! Congrats.
Il y a 11 heures · Jacques Craipeau Bravo et merci pour tout ce que tu fait pour le patinage et pour ta carriere merci pour ta contribution au devellopement de ce sport formidable.En esperant que ton travail va encore créer des vocations sur la glace,comme tu la fait pour nous.33 eme tu etais au JO et merci à COUBERTIN .
Profite à bloc avec L'equipe de France et raconte nous a ton retour ^^.

Il y a 10 heures · Fabien Rabeau je crois que la boucle est bouclee (-: felicitation pour tout ton parcours Pascal.
Il y a 10 heures · Fabien Dubost Salut Pascal, bravo pur ta prestation, comme il disait : le principal c'est de participer! L' Expérience doit être formidable, profite de tout ces moments !
Amicalement Fabien
Il y a 10 heures · Hélène Rault-Pasco Les jo tout ce qu il te manquait tu peux être fier de toi !!! Bravo . Bisous
Il y a 10 heures · Cyrille Cormier bravo! tu as fait un travail gigantesque!
Il y a 10 heures · Hermen van der Wal He pascal. GOED gedaan!
Il y a 10 heures · Alain Metreau Toutes nos félicitations à toi et nous sommes très heureux de suivre ton parcours et celui d'Alexis aux J.O. !! Le S.C.D. Roller
Il y a 9 heures · François Guillouët bravo pascal on etait trop derriere ca t'as ralenti
Il y a 9 heures · Sabrina Baron bravo Pascal c'était super de te voir patiner, profite en bien
Il y a 9 heures · Christine Bergès ttes nos felicitations! deja enormmme d'avoir vecu ces JO!! tous les patineurs du vrs etaient derrière vous et sont fiers de vous....
Il y a 9 heures · Gilbert Baron bravo pascal

Il y a 9 heures · Thomas Guillouet bravo et peut etre à dans 2 ans à londres si le roller est aux jo, on ne sait jamais ! bonne retraite dans le pays du muscadet ! yes
Il y a 9 heures · Virginie Peiroux bravo bravo bravo
Il y a 9 heures · Eric Didelot BRAVO !
Il y a 8 heures · Julie Ouvrard Bravo pour ce parcours Pascal ! ça nous fait rêver de vous voir à un aussi haut niveau c'est magnifique, ça nous donne de l'espoir ; ) ! Tout le monde du roller est fier de vous ! Encore bravo ...
Il y a 8 heures · Raynald Quetier Juste merci MR depuis toutes ces annee on a tous ete admiratif de ton travail et de ta vie devouée a notre sport tu avais notre reve a tous tu le realise ce doit etre enorme de vivre les JO tu as merite le repos du guerrier et une nouvelle vie commence felicitation a toi
Il y a 8 heures · JeanMi Mick Nos Félicitations et quelle carrière. Encore bravo !
Il y a 8 heures · Mikael Chausson Je me joins donc a tous pour te dire un grand merci pour ta carriere. Profites de cette derniere semaine, et postes nous quelques photos sympas a ton retour. Bon vent pour la suite !

Il y a 8 heures · Sebastien Babault Felictiation pour ton parcours sportif....... Respect! Un grand Mr dans sport que tu es. Bonne continuation.
Il y a 7 heures · Isabelle Arabi Chapeau bas et félicitation pour être arrivé à ce niveau !
Belle continuation dans tes projets .
Il y a 6 heures · Anthony Goulette bravo mr briand c est un beau parcours
la medaille sera pour la prochaine fois
peut etre les mondiaux
Il y a 6 heures · Juan Carlos Betancur Felicitation pour cette course Pascal et pour toutte ton parcours come patineur. C'est un honeur de finir ta carriere en competition avec une course aux J.O.. Maintenant il faut que tu passes par NY pour feter la fin.
Il y a 5 heures · Sara Bouvet Félicitation pour ta participation au JO!!! Et bon courage pour la suite!....
Il y a 5 heures · Sébastien Brochard FÉLICITATIONS à toi pour ton parcours. L'aboutissement d'une carrière comme la tienne tous sportifs en rêve... Bravo Patrouille tu laisses un grand nom dans le milieu du Roller Skating et du Patinage de vitesse sur glace. Félicitations également à Alexis et à Tristan ;-)
Il y a 4 heures · Jean-marc Djian bravo pascal! super aboutissement d'une carriere exceptionnelle; a tres bientot...avant annecy 2018!
Il y a 4 heures · Vincent Morvan Chapeau l'artiste
Il y a 2 heures · Gaelle Supiot Merci de mavoir fait vibrer...merci pour tout
Il y a 2 heures · Franck Pindeler Bravo Pascal !
Il y a 54 minutes · Aurélie Bouvet Congrats Pascal, t'as un paquet de souvenirs, d'anecdotes, de victoires, de moments inoubliables sans oublier les JO... Un sacré beau chemin sportif, un sacré cran! Bravo et pas trop de folies pour ces derniers jours aux jeux.... ;-)))
Il y a 46 minutes ·


je termine 33eme....c est ma place...sachant que ma meilleure perf cette année en coupe du monde etait 31eme...donc pas de surprise j ai fais ce que j avais a faire avec mes moyens....
quel plaisir de ce retrouver sur une ligne de depart au JO...pas de medaille, mais j ai donné le meilleur de moi meme donc aucun regret

i finish 33th..that s my ranking, so no surprise of course , i did what i could with what i have...
i m really happy from this experience , ....ok no medals...but i give my best so regrets..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

i m ready.. je suis pret

everything is ready for this last race, against a man from Korea . i start inner lane pair number 4...

tout est pret pour cette course, contre un koreen. je pars a l interieur pair numero 4....donc vers 16h30 environ....1h30...^^

Friday, February 19, 2010

soon my last race

i m so happy to be here in vancouver for olympic as my last race. it is incredible feeling to be able to achieve my carrier with this race. for me it is a way to show how competitive inline skaters are. i hope it is gonna give idea to younger skater to train to become world champion inline skating and olympic champion.
dream big

2 days to go... 2 jours

today was great again on the ice...i checked my speed for 1St 400m and then some starts...all in place for me. i did the best i could and i m ready . tomorow blodd test and drawing...

aujourdhui tout etait nickel sur la glace. j ai fais un tour lancé pour verifier ma vitesse max..puis quelques departs. tout est en ordre. j ai fais le max de ce que je pouvais faire et je suis pret. demain, test sanguin et tirage des paires...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

4 days to go...4 jours...

today was a great day again in vancouver. i improved again my max speed and my 800m average during the morning session. in the afternoon physio and bike was at the program between short track and curling on tv...go france go...
men short track team is in relay final.

aujourdhui etait une bonne journée encore vancouver. j ai améliorer ma vitesse max au 400m et ma moyenne au 800m pendant l entrainement du matin. l apres midi, j etais encore au kine avec Guy^^ et au velo...le reste du temps j ai regardé le curling et le short track. allé la france ....bien joué l equipe homme de short track...vous etes en final...on est en final...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

canadian^^ Art...istic.....l'art...istic canadien^^

here is few picture of a report on tv about how canadian prepare the program for artistic skating....i find it cool and nice with the drawing on the wall

voici quelques images d un reportage tv sur la preparation d'un canadien en artistic... je trouve ca enorme les dessins sur le mur pour la visualisation

the presents...les cadeaux

here is what we get from the dentist....^^ so i smile^^

voici mes cadeaux du dentist...d ou mon sourire^^

5 days to go....5 jours avant le départ

today is a easy day. i dont go on the ice today; so i bike 40min this morning and then i did few other things to change my mind: i clean my clothe, i went to the dentist to get some gift, i did WADA quizz to get some gift ^^... was like little christmas this morning...

aujourd hui cest plutot cool. je ne monte pas sur la glace, mais j ai fais 40min de velo ce matin et ensuite je fais quelques trucs pour me changer les idées un peu: j ai nettoyer mes fringues, je suis allé chez le dentist pour recuperer des cadeaux et au bureau wada faire le quizz encore pour recuperer des cadeaux..^^ pendant une heure c'etait un peu noel^^

6day to go...6 jours du départ

still 6 dyas to wait before my last race. i just enjoy all , enjoy the feeling to compete an olympic game for the last race of my life at high level. i just feel so happy to realize all i accomplish so far...and so motivate for what i still have to do

encore 6 jours a attendre avant ma derniere course. j apprecie simplement chaque instant, j apprecie les sentiments que je ressens et le plaisir de courir ma derniere course de haut niveau au JO. je suis tellement heureux en realisant ce que j ai deja fais dans ma carriere deja motive par ce que j ai encore a faire dans la vie...

Monday, February 15, 2010


number of the month...
3600 people following my blog per month

3600 genies^^ suivent mon blog chaque mois^

from 43 countries
de 43 pays

today training/ l entrainement d aujourdhui

6h45 i wake up this morning to go to the 1st training session at 9am. i did 3X3lap with lap time 29 28 28 was good. Guy came as medical support... and when we came back we got lucky to take picture with a classic object from this olympic^^

6h45 et la journee commence pour etre au 1er entrainement a 9h. j ai fais 3X3t avec des temps de 29 28 28 glace etait bonne. guy m accompagnait et representait le medical...ensuite on a pu faire des photos avec la torche du relai...^^

Sunday, February 14, 2010

5Km stat

1st day race: alexis 6th

alexis termine 6eme au 5000m...belle performance. tristan etait le coach et j assistais en m occupant des temps au tour...
grosse ambiance..a seulement 1,5sec de la medaille...chapeau...
ensuite je me suis entrainé, 2x400m et des progresse bien, tout les jours j ameliore mon tour lancé.

aleixs finished 6th at the 5000M, cool performance. tristan was coaching and i was lap time assistant.
only 1,5se cfrom 3rd place...good job.
then i trained 2X400m and few starts...getting bette, every day i make progress in my flying lap.