Sunday, March 22, 2009


now it is oval classic in calgary...
i raced a short all round 500 300 1500 5000
so every day i was getting better and shape was little back...ouf

then now it is sprint event...500 1000
500m:36,73 new PB
1000m: 1m10.94 new PB also...

world championship vancouver

vancouver , 1st world championship....things won t be easy for sure because i was pretty sick all week before the championship so not the best to be in great shape. but it was important to be there and learn from colin.
so i got 24th so last...with a 1m53.12 time for this sport you can t have a problem cause level is really high.
oval in vancouver is nice..lot of blue...even if ice is not super is a cool place...little sad that it is already plan that it won t stay as a ice rink... it is time to fly to calgary to train for last wek of the season...

Friday, March 06, 2009

fly to vancouver

tomorow i will fly to frankfurt...then i meet colin there and we fly direct to vancouver. here we will meet christele gautier the responsable from the french team organisation...
i race 1500m next thursday....