Tuesday, July 28, 2009

wow race in holland

last week was kind of taff for me...i got sick...hummm 3 days on the toilet to be honnest :-) so not so cool...friday evening things start to get better so i decide to drive to holland to race the wow in otterlo...to defend my ranking, i was 2nd ...
so saturday morning i arrive there...sleep a bit...but damm i still don t feel so good...so i have to sit sometimes (on the toilet of course).
ok anyway i have to race... i love this too much.
it is a nice lap about 700m with 100m of stones and crazy cool turn...no way a race like this is allowed in france and that is what i like in holand...they are not affraid to make taff lap.
60laps to go...race start full...i m full speed ...but i m the only one full speed heeh not a good sign. after 10min i m in the 4th group...200m behind the head of the race...hehe not cool, i still hope we can come back, hermen is here too from my team and he bring me back in front...cool.
but 20min later i m empty...hehe no more energy...i m at the end of the small group...then i m 10m behind then 100m then 1 lap...i can stop. i took my change but it was too hard for a sick man.
anyway, it was good to race, i sweat a lap and it s like my body was full activate and put out all the bad things from my body , now i feel better.
bart swing won...good guy, quite and fast i like this....crispien 2nd, also really cool skater he don t give up a things...

Monday, July 20, 2009

i wake up my blog

hello dear all,
ok i was pretty busy for a while so not much on my blog since a while...but i restart to be more serious about it now....
so what did i do since calgary...well...i move to a new house and i took some rest and i work for the french union inline skating, by coaching some great athlete like thomas boucher, cindy etonno, benjamin douchin, brian and tomy lepine, gwendal lepivert ...and few more.
then i restart doing lot of inline skating cause it s my basic and my way to be strong....nad more important what i love ... i was 2 races , one in holland and the 24h race in le mans... and i m 2nd in netherlan ranking of the WOW... so pretty busy ...
now it is time to update more regulary....so more news very soon