Sunday, December 27, 2009

indoor inline

today i did inline indoor with mark and co...was so cool...some interval with a realy , some start and pack agility things...i love it... i was also trying my new shoes custom for the 1st time...they fit perfect...

1st divisie marathon: 4th place

yesterday i was then in groningenland...the place where i 1st train in ice in 2005 with egbert post... i raced the 100laps of the marathon in 1st divisie. it is good for me to prepare the 5km in EK cause most of the time i train alone so i miss to get speed from other skaters.
so 100 laps in the middle of a group is perfect for me, it give me good feeling cause it remember me inline.

so what about the race...i start easy, just enjoying to be in the middle of the pack, trying to relax my technic in the straight line and pushing my corner. somethimes i look a bit in front to see what happen so i m sure not to miss the right breakaway.
laps after laps i get more feeling in the corner, i can feel i need to put more body weight on my left leg...and push longer...
in the middle of the race...a group seems to go away so i make more speed and come back...we are about 15 skaters and it was a good move cause we lapped the i can relax again in the middle ^^ and think about technic.
after 60laps i start to get tired...not feeling so good bpm goes to 190...are stay there^^...i m alive ^^ ...but then i took more time to skate and rythm get down to 170 again which is easy for me.
10 laps to is the sprint for the pack so i get ni position 10 about so i don t get suprise by some guys...and after this sprint 2 guys try to go away but i m just behind so ..... i want to keep the thinks compact a sprint is better for me...
few guys try again but ice is fast so not so easy to go away...
3laps to go ...i g onear place 5 ....1 lap to go i go in 2nd place...let one guy 3m in front so he don t block me but still get some draft...
300m is time for me to pass ans take the lead, i try to keep the guy close so i pass him just before the corner to block the other...but he died so timing went wrong...anyway i m first in last corner...and....stupid me i go to much inside too close from the protection...and i m too carefull on this bad ice to built not enougth speed out of the corner and i can see 3 guys passing me like rockets^^....hehe damm i m 4th....

good evening anyway...perfect training and correct result.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

training training

so now big focus on european ... i will need to improve my 5km for sure cause i didn t work this so far now...only raced few 3km at begining of the season. my knee is so so but better than few weeks ago anyway. so i will need more laps in my training so i decide to start on marathon race 1st divisie tonight in groningen ... 100 laps at good speed in the middle of a pack of 100 skaters is perfect for me... then tomorow i will go indoor for a inline training so i can do some real short interval session till legs burn full with a high pulses frequency...that is what my body need to react.
on the 30 i will race the mass start in heerenveen...a 40lap race with 20 best top divisie marathon and 10 long track skater.... perfect to get good race speed...

thanks Arno for the picture

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the answer is... MAY s gonna depend from my result in january competition so ...EK european championship in hamar 9 and 10 january and may be world championship sprint in japan... so i can keep training hard and see what happen.

anyway today was good day for my knee...i try my old shoes and i had no pain in it...then i put back my new marcheses and the pain came i put agian my viking and the pain was gone suddently...strange...i can t understand why but the fact is that at least i can skate with no pain with my viking i go for this now...

today is the day???

today 22 is the day. i should now in the evening if i m at the oG or not. the french olympic comitee and co will decide today which athlete go to the games...

so far since last week being back from salt lake,i..... rest and sleep a lot, i was so so tired from jet lag and all the races my body needed to rest. it was also good for my knee. i just did some easy aerobic training and little weight training. just easy things.

now i m back in holland to prepare european championship in hamar.

Monday, December 14, 2009

1000m ...finally

today i finally beat the french record 1000m from cedric kuentz.....i did 1m10.41 with an almost crash in my first lap again...but i got lucky to stay on my skate....split time are 17.2 26.2 pretty ....why couldn t i do this in my 1500m 2 days ago??? i don t know ...

anyway i m happy with this time even if it could be better....i was out of the french talbet for record last week when alexis beat by far my 1500m record...but i m back in the business with this 1000m...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

1500m and 500m

yesterday 1500m was terrible, my body still dont like altitude at is faster but i m going slower than at sea level cause i can t breath and my pulses are just super high all the 1500m was painfull 1m49.03...i m going slower when most of the skater go like 3 sec faster.... anyway i think i save my spot in the top 40 for now i will just wait the decision of cnosf to send me or not...i hope they will understand that my body will work better in vancouver at sea level than here in salt lake. also then i hope i will fix my knee problem.

and then i got picked in the doping control of i give a little more blood and pie stop^^. good to have control, but come on...why controling a guy who finish 23rd in B group....random technic....ok but i think they should always control people on the podium as we do on inline....

anyway today was normally short enought so i dont die from altitude effect even if my power is affected 500m was ok new personal record with 36.51.....i opened 10.4 then 26,09 in the lap wich is good...that is what i m supposed to open in a 1500m but....ok next time.

Friday, December 11, 2009

blood test

today we had blood test. then we train after. this training i focus on looking for best option for my knee. i decide to change my setting to try to make it easier for my knee. on the right skate i moved the front little more to the center and the back more to the right. it seems my knee got less pain like this.
so i warmed up, skate 8laps then did all this setting things....then 200 300 400m...then 400m again but not full trying to focus more on technic, building more pressure. then few more easy laps and 15min bike.

the strange thing for me in salt lake is how my body react. when i could down my heart rate was still 170bpm. not normal at all, way to high even if it is easy skating. my body don t adapt so much to this place. i don t know why,but i always get this super high pulses here....may be the mix of altitude and dry i drink lot of water.

tonight will be drawing for 1500m...cause tomorrow is my last chance to get a performance in this event in world cup.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

in salt lake city

i m now in salt lake city...last chance to qualify for OG...i m ranked 37 for 1500m and there are 40 knee seems better after 2 days tomorow i will restart to skate. the ice looks wonderfull and fast...

3rd day hummm same

Yesterday I raced 1000m and same story continu. My knee was about 5% better
so I could sit little more. In the start I felt my groin muscle in my right leg, c
but opening was correct 17.3 then In my first inner corner I slipped and stop to skate for
a while. Lap time was still ok 26.3 but I lost too much speed so then I arrive at the crossing at same moment
as the other skater and had to slow down to let him go... Worst scenario possible. Final time 1.11.6 ...

In the afternoon i went again too Aaron nardella to fix m'y knee. This guy is really great. It nice to meet people like this
in life. I hope I will be able to help other people as much as he do.

Now I m in airport in Denver... It is pit stop on the way to salt lake... Last chance to qualify for olympic.
One race one opportunity.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

today 500M bis

i wake up this morning, still pain in my knee...i really don t know why , i don t know what i come from....i train since 20 years now with almost no knee problem and now...during one of the most important week end on my road to vancouver...this right knee give me trouble...
it could be....i nerve in my back that don t like to be between my 2 spines bones...
it oculd be.... an over load in the training
it could be.... my right lateral armsring that is too small, and limitating the rotation from the hip, so the it occur in the knee...that don t like to do it^^
it could be.... the setting of my skate....

so anyway i go warm up, for 500m ...4lap, 1 accel, 4lap i leave the ice cause too much pain i can t warm up on ice. i keep warm up by running and i force my knee to get warm to work ok for 36sec about...

the race...i start 10,4 ...i do 36,83...slower than in training last week on faster ice...was ok technicaly again, but no power...i finish race without behind really tired which is not normal. but it show i can t use my power. same as the 1500m where i should be full of lactact i don t develop power, so i can t really get tired.

after this 500m of course, knee is not more i call again Aaron nardella a chiropracter form calgary that help me. we fix appointement at3pm...and workon all option for 2h....tense, ultrasound, massage, smashing...all we what we can to fix it ok for the 1000m tomorow.

after this 1000m i will have to stop few days and hope it is fixed for the 1500m in salt lake on friday...last chance to qualify...

1st unlucky day

friday was one of the most unlucky day i could. first i did 500M...felling goodbefore the start, just my right knee is still painfull so i cant really flexand push full but not really enougt to stop me. 10,3 opening then lap was good....till my opponent from australia slip in the inner last corner, run to my line and almost take me out in the middle of the corner, i had to stop skating totally from 350m till finish line....and i did 38,04sec...grrr i could get a restart but i didn t really wanted to do 2x 500m before the 1500m from the evening

i check my skate then and i can see the edge of my right blade is broken inside...grrr no way to skate like this, i spend 2h to fix the problem... then i went back to the track...

later my knee start to give me more pain. at the warm up 1500m i feel something is wrong , now i almost can t flex my leg at all, and if i do...i can t push at not really the best for a skater, specially a ice one. in the race, technicaly i m good , but i can t push on the right leg, i can t sit i can t really get the speed i need...26,7 first lap...almost 1sec from what i should opening was also 0,5sec too slow with 24,3...then my laps are ok , like i lost only 1,6 second between the 2 laps...but not enought speed at the start. i finish with 1m47,5....and i just can see guys i beat since 3 weeks doing 1M45 or 1M46...
after the race i m really in pain with my knee...

i can t really rest or give up...i have to race cause OG qualification will be in this race or salt lake i have to skate whatever happen this week end.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

my favorite picture

this is my favorite picture of me skating. it has been made yesterday by Arno, one of the canadian coach from calgary. he is coaching lot of skaters from differente country and specially danemark. yesterday he was there, and the good light in the oval too. he took this super cool picture. thanks Arno.
what i also like in this picture is the lines...the blue line of the track...the red line in the back. i love the reflect of the blue of the skinsuit on my right blade...and how the red viking bridge shine.
if you look my face you have to know what i was thinking at this exact moment. i was doing 4laps in 30sec average. i was tired, my legs was burning and i was not feeling super good. i was thinking of this pain, and i was thinking that i have to keep doing long push, using lot of ice. when i see this picture i m happy , i can see that i m using correctly my left leg, with a good extention. this picture change my day, i felt really happy when Arno came and give me this surprised.

visit oval bis

visit calgary olympic oval

come with me and visit the olympic oval in a little part of canadian speed skating history...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

picture from skating bar in hamar

the skating bar changed location in hamar...they copy and move their famous wall with signature from skaters from all around the world....

2 days from the race...

yesterday i run in the morning, and i skate 4x4lap in 30sec with 2min rest. good feeling in straight line during the cool down.
in the evening i went again to the chiropractor. it help a lot for my back and my knee.

1500m is in 2 days now...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

2nd day test

Yesterday I did again pb in 500m with 36.53 hehe 0.01 faster but mainly was that for 1st time I did correct start 10.26
opening so much better than my 10.5 from before. My lap was not super 26.3sec.
In 1500m 1.48.4 season best so far...

Then I went again to doctor to fix my low back and my knee that hurt me a bit. Mainly I lose a lot of power in my right he use kind of acupuncture technic putting big niddels in my back and in my legs. It works really good. I will try to do video of this :-)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

1st day test in calgary

this morning wad test day at the oval. i raced a 500m in 36.54 so new and then a 1000m in 1m10.82 damm close to french record again...but still 0.07 faster needed.
back pain is old story now, i start to feel some power again.
tomorow i race 500m again and 1500m...


now i m in calgary, since monday...not so many news cause my computer crashed with a windows problem...probably a it is gonna take time to fix it.
so what happen here...i feel the altitude so i didn t put intensity in the training so far. i also feel my lower i went to a chiropracter which did a super job. he put niddels of about 10cm in my back ...the my muscle start to relax a lot more. i wake up this morning and the pain was gone, just the muscle little bit sore fro; the treatment but in a good way.
on the ice i could do 300m 700m and 800m (lap 27,8 27,5) so was ok for now.
tonight was lot of snow falling in calgary, super nice....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

winner hamar 1500m

calgary here i m

so monday morning, we took a bus to the airport. we fly to calgary with a pit stop in frankfurt, long nice trip so i could watch 2 very good movies: my sister so nice...and food inc...hum: make me think even more how important is the food. we should be more carrefull about what we eat.

today monday, i went on the ice with alexis...4X8min easy. the ice is really super fast here. it is a different world, almost not the same sport^^.
in the afternoon i run easy at 130bpm for 40min. 1st day in calgary mean little altitude adaption , so i have to be carefull and not go to intensity.

tehcnically, i took more time to skate, more time to put pressure on my skate. i stand little more straight with my upper body on the skate so i can seat easier on the back of the skate: i feel the push better like this.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

hamar 1500m....humm...problem

today i race the 1500m, 1M49etc....not so good. i could n t skate normally cause i have a little pain in my back and i couldn t find what it was. my straight line was terrible, i couldn t put my hips over my skate...i was super stiff.

in the evening i could see a phisio that helped me super nicely for this. he find out that my right hip was blocked and that my left hip was rotating the wrong direction when i bend in front...

few exercice and the problem seems to be gone....but the good result of the race is gone too. now i have to learn from it and think about calgary.

ranking 12th...

Friday, November 20, 2009

hamar is just so nice oval

many skater and coach like this place, it is special atmosphere in this ice rink. i have to say it is probably my favorite nice design

special edition

ok...todya i show you my 1st step on the ice^^ in 96 i went with all my skating friend in holland for holiday...and lucky us natural ice came so we buy skate and...try^^

on the picture, arnaud gicquel, tristan loy , franck cardin....benjamin loisel, olivier baboneau....

we were so excited to try that we skate in a small place behind the house we rent....ahaha almost short track...

on last picture...easy to recognise my "style" ....

oldies but goodies

try to find me can also find cedric michaud may be^^...

or just enjoy the finish picture of rennes in ...1994...tristan ur so good^^

today friday

so this morning on the ice again for a easy session...10laps with tristan, mainly behind the italian train...then 2X200m and 1x400m ...then 2 starts and few laps...
then 30min bike....

at lunch one more time nice dscussion with shane dobbin and his father, atmosphere was more like inline world today, i like it^^

and this afternoon i will go run 20min easy...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

thursday training

today i went to the ice track with alexis and colin. it was easier day cause we are getting closer to the race. we did 8laps, then 2x200m and 1x400m....25,88sec...then 2 flying start, 2 standing start and 8laps.
as always 30min bike after it.

inthe afternoon we went for a walk in hamar night ^^ at 4pm...we went in the skating bar...just open a new one...good place.

when we arrived back tristan was arrived here too. so now french team is complete.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wednesday training

so today i went on the ice this morning...12laps and 9x 500m with fastest lap 25,9...
my but hurt from yesterday training, and i can t really walk normaly. the muscle stay very stiff, but when it will stop it will help to hold lower position longer.

in the afternoon, 1H cycling on spining bike...easy gear^^

tuesday in hamar

so yesterday was 1st training in hamar.
in the morning i went on the ice...12laps with alexis and shane...then 3x800m , then 15 laps...and 3X400m...26,3 26,5 26,9....then 5laps
after i went in the gym room and did exercice for my lowerback which is little painfull at the moment....then 30min bikes

back in hotel for lunch^^ chicken and pasta...then 1H20 nap^^

in the afternoon back in hamar track for some jump and ow walk and static low position training...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

do u like to travel??

traveling counter ...this is the trip i did so far since some plan till december...i let u count how many kilometer i did do and will do...
nantes, france to heerenveen, holland
heerenveen, holland to bordeaux, france
bordeaux, france to heerenveen, holland
heerenveen, holland to berlin, germany
berlin, germany to heerenveen, holland
heerenveen, holland to zakopane, poland
zakopane, poland to berlin, germany
berlin, germany to krakow, poland
krakow, poland to paris, france
paris, france to bordeaux, france
bordeaux, france to paris, france
paris, france to krakow, poland
krakow, poland to zakopane, poland
zakopane, poland to erfurt, germany
erfurt, germany to berlin, germany
berlin, germany to heerenveen, holland
heerenveen, holland to hamar, norway
hamar,norway to calgary, canada
calgary, canada to salt lake city, usa
salt lake city, usa to oslo norway
oslo,norway to amsterdam, holland....

a nice day at the office

A nice transition day…
5h50 i wake up cause today i have to go to Hamar for the next world cup. I fly from amsterdam at pretty easy day and i should be able to train in the afternoon in Hamar. All seems perfect except when you don’t have your head on your shoulders.
So what happen today??? 6h33 i m in the train to schipol with sara and colin, as always we can t buy ticket in wolvega so we go down in zwolle, quickly buy some tickets and we keep going till amsterdam...differente fly for all of us so we split and go to check is 9h00...
I m at klm check in and...they ask my passport...easy i take my wallet and....ù^!”_è is not here^^ ....shit i forgot it in way i make it go and back before the i run to klm office to find solution and try to change my ticket...humm normally i couldn t change my fly but the guy behind the office was super cool and change it anyway....for a fly at 9pm^^...
I have time to get my passport...let me think where i let it^^ ohhhh %*$$”’ç_à) i made a copy of it yesterday evening and i forgot it in the copy machine form yves...and yves left the house and took his printer with him back to belgium^^ seems to be a cool day^^
I try to call yves^^ 1st phone no answer...problem...lucky me i got also his belgium phone...and cool he answer....hello hello blabla....”yes it is in the printer” hehe i get back to train station and i tool train to breda...1H45 of train and yves was super cool to drive to breda too^^ ( thanks for all yves) so then we meet in breda...drink a coffee...^^ and back in the train to schipol 1H45 again...i didnt eat yet...i was suppose to take my breakfast in airport but i run to get the passport back 1st... so now it is 14h and i m in the check in fly is at 9pm tonight^^ pretty long day in the i wait wait wait wait...walk wait walk wait....sleep 1H on a nice seat ...walk wait^^ this stupid small mistake cost me more than 100eu and 1 day of training...
9h00 i fly then i arrived at 22H40 in oslo.... train to hamar left 5min ago so next one is at 23h46 i will be in hamar at 00h45...and i walk to the hotel slowly with my 50kg bags^^...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

1000m and team poursuit

so this morning, i train on the ice at 8h15...few laps, 200m 200m 400m and fastest lap ever again for me 25,8 inner lane...
then i went for the 1000m race
17,4 opening same as berlin
26,6 same as berlin
28,1 ...0,1 slower than berlin....
grrrr i didn t skate so good...1m12.28 ... i was too in hurry again and forget to take time to pay....i have to move slower to go faster^^ not easy to put in my mind^^

in the afternoon we did team race...3M52,9 ....5sec faster than last years...ranking 12th...we keeped the 8laps with 28sec but we need to go faster.

then i went to bike again and i did some push up 7x10...and some core.
then i spoke with one of the coach around the ice about how to get the timing on the push....thanks for the tips

Saturday, November 14, 2009

1000m i m pair 10th inner line

1 I 37 Pekka KOSKELA FIN
2 I 29 Fengtong YU CHN
3 I 70 Mirko NENZI ITA
4 I 133 Zbigniew BRODKA POL
O 85 Roman KRECH KAZ
5 I 96 Ki-Ho LEE KOR
O 11 Jamie GREGG CAN
6 I 6 Aleksandr KOMAR BLR
7 I 34 Milan SÁBLIK CZE
O 30 Yaolin ZHANG CHN
9 I 95 Kang-Seok LEE KOR
10 I 43 Pascal BRIAND FRA
11 I 163 Jonathan KUCK USA
12 I 78 Takaharu NAKAJIMA JPN
13 I 62 Frank STEINER GER
O 147 Timofey SKOPIN RUS
14 I 77 Keiichiro NAGASHIMA JPN
O 81 Teruhiro SUGIMORI JPN
15 I 21 Francois Olivier ROBERGE CAN
16 I 143 Aleksandr LEBEDEV RUS
17 I 14 Richard MACLENNAN CAN
O 73 Ryohei HAGA JPN

uncomplete summary of my results

cool...todya i find on wikipedia germany a little summary of my results on inline...few mistakes in it...but cool to get a summary^^

Pascal Briand
Nation Frankreich
Geburtstag 9. Juli 1976
Team Powerslide-PHUZION
Status aktiv
WM-Medaillen 6 × 10 × 5 ×
EM-Medaillen 14 × 19 × 12 ×

Bronze 1998 Pamplona 10000 m Staffel
Silber 1999 Santiago de Chile 300 m Einzel
Gold 1999 Santiago de Chile 500 m Sprint
Silber 1999 Santiago de Chile 1000 m Sprint
Silber 1999 Santiago de Chile 10000 m Staffel
Gold 2001 Valence d'Agen 500 m Sprint
Silber 2001 Valence d'Agen 1000 m Sprint
Bronze 2001 Valence d'Agen 10000 m Staffel
Bronze 2002 Ostende 300 m Einzel
Gold 2002 Ostende 500 m Sprint
Silber 2003 Barquisimeto 15000 m A
Silber 2004 L’Aquila 500 m Sprint
Silber 2004 L’Aquila 1000 m Sprint
Silber 2004 L’Aquila 10000 m Staffel
Gold 2005 Suzhou 1000 m Sprint
Silber 1997 Mar del Plata Marathon
Bronze 1998 Pamplona 1500 m Sprint
Gold 2001 Valence d'Agen 500 m Sprint
Gold 2001 Valence d'Agen 1000 m Sprint
Bronze 2003 Barquisimeto 10000 m P
Silber 2004 Sulmona 500 m Sprint
Bronze 1994 Pamplona 300 m Einzel
Silber 1995 Praia da Vitória 300 m Einzel
Bronze 1995 Praia da Vitória 500 m Sprint
Gold 1995 Praia da Vitória 1500 m Team
Silber 1995 Praia da Vitória 10000 m Staffel
Silber 1996 Saint-Brieuc 300 m Einzel
Bronze 1996 Saint-Brieuc 1500 m Sprint
Silber 1996 Saint-Brieuc 1500 m Team
Gold 1996 Saint-Brieuc 10000 m Staffel
Silber 1997 Roseto 10000 m Staffel
Silber 1998 Coulaines 300 m Einzel
Gold 1998 Coulaines 500 m Sprint
Bronze 1998 Coulaines 1500 m Sprint
Gold 1998 Coulaines 10000 m Staffel
Gold 1999 Zandvoorde 300 m Einzel
Silber 1999 Zandvoorde 1500 m Sprint
Silber 1999 Zandvoorde 10000 m Staffel
Bronze 2000 Latina 300 m Einzel
Silber 2000 Latina 500 m Sprint
Silber 2000 Latina 1500 m Sprint
Silber 2000 Latina 5000 m
Bronze 2001 Paços de Ferreira 1500 m Sprint
Bronze 2005 Jüterbog 300 m Einzel
Gold 2007 Estarreja 3000 m Staffel
Bronze 1995 Praia da Vitória 300 m Einzel
Bronze 1995 Praia da Vitória 10000 m A
Silber 1995 Praia da Vitória 1500 m Team
Silber 1996 Lamballe 300 m Einzel
Bronze 1997 Sulmona 300 m Einzel
Silber 1997 Sulmona 500 m Sprint
Silber 1997 Sulmona 10000 m Staffel
Silber 1998 Coulaines 300 m Einzel
Gold 1998 Coulaines 1500 m Sprint
Gold 1999 Middelkerke 300 m Einzel
Bronze 1999 Middelkerke 500 m Sprint
Silber 1999 Middelkerke 1500 m Sprint
Gold 1999 Middelkerke 10000 m Staffel
Silber 2000 Latina 300 m Einzel
Gold 2000 Latina 1500 m Sprint
Bronze 2000 Latina 10000 m Staffel
Gold 2002 Grenade 500 m Sprint
Gold 2002 Grenade 1500 m Sprint
Gold 2002 Grenade 10000 m Staffel
Silber 2004 Groningen 10000 m Staffel

Platzierungen im World-Inline-Cup
1. WIC-Medaille 25. Juni 2000
Weltcupsiege 8
Gesamt-WIC 1. (2003)
Gesamt-Team-WIC 1. (2003, 2007)

Podiumsplatzierungen 1. 2. 3.
Top-Class (Grand-Prix) 6 3 3
Class 1 1 2 1
Class 2 1 0 0
Teamlauf 0 0 1

letzte Änderung: 27. September 2008

day between races...

today i don t most of the world cup my program is 1 dya race, 1 day rest, 1 day race...i like this.
so this morning i could train on ice before the races start from 8h15 to 9h00...i did 8laps with tristan loy , then 2X200m...then 1x600m...which was good cause my lap time for flying lap was 26,09 inner line...fastest this year so far. normally i did 26,5 always.
so that was good session, i could sit more than usual, thinking a lot of pushing as far as i can with my left leg in corner then sit again , and again and ....again...and even when i remember it, colin tell it again every lap.
then i went on bike 30min....and i watch the 500m B group...and i spoke with friends.
today i meet Nora Vega which was one of the fastest skater on quads and inline in the past^^..she is a legend in argentina. it is nice she come watch ice event and help develop this sport.
i also meet Derek parra few days ago....big exemple for my generation. world champion inline, quads, and olympic champion on ice....he is now the coach of chad...
check one of his youtube video...

Friday, November 13, 2009

how far from qualification i am?

ok so if i need a top 16 in time ...

in berlin was 10th in B group...and 20skaters from A was faster so i got
time 30th......14th place from qualification
to get top 16 i needed 1m47.57 so 1sec04 faster

in heerenveen i was grrr again 10th in B group and 18 skaters from A was faster so i got
time 28th...still 12th place form qualification
ot get top 16 i needed 1M48.03 so 1sec08 faster

...damm not so much...just imagine 1sec^^...form 1M48 so i need to improve from not even 1%....0,99% progress should be enought^^

video 1500 heerenveen

1500m result data: finished 10th...Again

1 121 Erben WENNEMARS NED 1:47.49
300m - 23.57 - (23.5)
700m - 49.69 - (26.1)
1100m - 1:17.42 - (27.7)
1500m - 1:47.49 - (30.0)
2 164 Trevor MARSICANO USA 1:47.60
300m - 24.14 - (24.1)
700m - 50.25 - (26.1)
1100m - 1:18.02 - (27.7)
1500m - 1:47.60 - (29.5)
3 163 Jonathan KUCK USA 1:48.03
300m - 24.71 - (24.7)
700m - 51.39 - (26.6)
1100m - 1:18.99 - (27.6)
1500m - 1:48.03 - (29.0)
4 130 Christoffer Fagerli RUKKE NOR 1:48.30
300m - 23.74 - (23.7)
700m - 50.09 - (26.3)
1100m - 1:18.06 - (27.9)
1500m - 1:48.30 - (30.2)
5 94 Jong-Woo LEE KOR 1:48.61
300m - 23.82 - (23.8)
700m - 50.52 - (26.7)
1100m - 1:18.51 - (27.9)
1500m - 1:48.61 - (30.1)
6 152 Joel ERIKSSON SWE 1:48.77
300m - 24.08 - (24.0)
700m - 50.93 - (26.8)
1100m - 1:19.07 - (28.1)
1500m - 1:48.77 - (29.7)
7 50 Jörg DALLMANN GER 1:49.01
300m - 24.42 - (24.4)
700m - 51.23 - (26.8)
1100m - 1:19.24 - (28.0)
1500m - 1:49.01 - (40.7)
8 9 Steven ELM CAN 1:49.04
300m - 24.65 - (24.6)
700m - 51.49 - (26.8)
1100m - 1:19.63 - (28.1)
1500m - 1:49.04 - (29.4)
9 161 Brian HANSEN USA 1:49.09
300m - 24.36 - (24.3)
700m - 51.40 - (27.0)
1100m - 1:19.58 - (28.1)
1500m - 1:49.09 - (29.5)
10 43 Pascal BRIAND FRA 1:49.11
300m - 24.15 - (24.1)
700m - 51.12 - (26.9)
1100m - 1:19.68 - (28.5)
1500m - 1:49.11 - (29.4)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

pair 11

drawing is done and i race in pair more time the chinese GAO, but this time i start innerline. there is 17 pairs total and main star pair will be with Mr wennemars and Mr marcicano which are just down from the A group after berlin...level is super high. can you imagine Marsicano was on the podium at world championship in vancouver few month ago...

there is a ice preparation after pair 9...pretty cool for me^^

road to vancouver

hi dear all,

arjan smit ask me in a comment what was the way to qualify for vancouver for here is the answer... i need 1st to do isu standard which are 1M49 for it was done in berlin...
then i need for french standard which is a top16...time or time was number 31 in i still have 15 guys to berlin i would have need a 1m47 low for example...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

corner shani in berlin

last week end, i was inside the track during the 1500m from shani. i wanted to film his corner is a video from his corner after the bell in the last lap....thanks shani for skating so good.

to sell ...part 2

KUY shoes....same as some of the korean skater, size 42, mounting space 170
price 400eu

viking blade with bridge size 41
price 200eu

contact :

maple blade to sell

so i sell a pair of blade maple twin metal...the new one...with a bridge size 41. they are new i skate only 3 times on it to test them. they are with a rounding 23.
price: 450eu


statisctic october

so it is about 2month now i update normaly this blog. thanks for following me. your about 6000people are following me so far^^ thanks.
here is country ranking for october:
1 france
2 netherland
3 germany
4 canada
5 poland
6 belgium
7 united states
8 danemark^^
9 japon
10 india

i also add possibility to writte comment now, so if you have any question or things you wanna know...just writte


just 2 pictures , 1st colin enjoying a typical east german car in a commercial center in erfurt^^...
2nd in one of my corner in erfurt in training...

this morning i again did push up and core...and soon i will go in thialf for ice training...1lap/1lap... i m really happy to feel more power in corners now, i enjoy every push and every second on the ice.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1st day in thialf

today i did my core trianing in the morning then breakfast. after i went to thialf for a jump session, 1st running and start then jumps...then 30min bikes...

in the afternoon, i skate with tristan to skate my new rounding on my skate, 23m all along. so we did 12lap warm up then 4X5lap then few start for team puirsuit. then 30min bikes.

Monday, November 09, 2009

shani is an artist

just a little message cause after 1500m race of shani davis i have to tell u that this guys is too good. he is not a sportman anymore on my eyes...he is more he put skating to level of ART when he he is an artist

summary 1st world cup

so now i m back in is the story of what happen last few days...

thursday...i was training doing some 200 300 400 with colin to check the technic. i need some speed cuase tomorow i race the 1000m...i hope 1m11 something...

friday...1st i receive some sms to wish me good weekend. antoine belzanne and his familiy send me a super nice support message. antoine is the best inline skater in france in junior. i was really happy form this message i enjoyed it and it make me better in my skating and in life. few hours later i was on the starting line for the 1000m...and i did 1m12.12 that is 0,8sec faster than my best time in europe so far so it show i m in progress. in sprint every 0,1 is good to take. so my opening was 17,4...pretty good for me then 1st lap 26,6sec very good for me ...then 28,0 ...damm i m supposed to hold more speed... so what happen??? simple i just push the straight the turn so i didnt had energy to skate storng in the turn which is where i m suppose to built my speed. i learn a lot in this race. now i have to switch my mind fomr inline to ice. i must not focus on what is outside like i naturaly do...but go more insise...stay quite...quite in mind to go faster.
so main poit, now i built turn like crazy , and relax my straight cause that is not where i make speed. if i work it i will loose speed.

saturday, i was not racing, so in training i work on it with colin 2x700m with just full speed in turn , almost nothing in is good. my head strart to get the message... after ice 30min bike as always.

sunday...;i race 1500m....1m48.61 damm good for me i did what i had to do and finish 10th in ranking...only 1sec form 1st ..level is super high here too. so i open 24,2 which is correct, then 1st lap 26,9 which was the plan...1nd lap: 28,4 i relax little too much then ...but then 3rd lap 29.0 was really felt really good. i got feelings in the turn i never got before on the ice.i put my left leg little more to the inside to get a longer push and it worked great. i could built my turn much more....after race 30min bike and...doping control... in the afternoon 45Min bike

today monday...wake up at 7h30...did some abs and push ups...then breakfast...then pack bags, try to put all in the car^^ and drive to holland...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

berlin training before world cup

now i move to the world cup hotel with colin. we meet alexis and things gets ready for the 1st race friday...1000m
i will race 1000 and 1500
alexis will race 1500 and 5000m

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

for kevin and robert

in erfurt i meet egbert post, my 1st coach on ice, and his son robert and another talent that he a video of their 500m ....those kids are good....keep training guys...and get new pb next week end again...

2nd day in berlin

so happen so far...i drove sunday afternoon with colin and sara from erfurt to berlin....monday morning we had first training with running sprint but only till 10 20m and i did jumps program as one the video , also just 2 times and easier...then we had some core training.

in the afternoon , 1st step on berlin ice....super nice...super fast...i did 12laps...2x200m....2x8laps easy then 12laps...that was it....then stretching

this morning was ice againm 10laps, 2x200m then 2x800m...lap time inner lane 26,9 27,0.....27,2 27,1.... really good ice. i try to sit as low as i can...and extend more my left leg specially in corner.
this afternoon i just rest...may be go drink a coffee with colin somewhere...

almost all athletes are arrives now so it was nice to meet some canadian friends, chad , roger ....and many more.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

1500m erfurt day 5

so my time 1M51.7....

Friday, October 30, 2009

nice picture from old times and training video

the video is not so good , i dont know what happen with the music , but still nice to watch the picture from those days... also a video from my jump training from monday

erfurt day 5

today i bike 2h with colin...nice uphill around erfurt. we try to reach a place at the top of a hill where we could see a monument...but never find the road to get there...

here is small video of my start training from thursday...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

erfurt day 4

this morning i went to track and field...warm up as usual then my running serie 10 20 30 40 30 20 10m...then 3 standing start... just after i jump on the ice for 12laps, and 2 x 5x300mfast/500mcool...then 3 flying start, 2 standing start and 10laps again... after i went back to track and field place cause it s nice warmer and i did some core training and some stretching... then lunch and nap... then i bend my skate ...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

erfurt day 3 bis

erfurt day 3

so tuesday i just skate one....and today i skate in the morning 10laps, 5laps fast around 29,7avg inner lane...then 10laps and 5laps 30.0avg out of inner lane...then i did my core training and some stretching as u can see a bit on the video. in the afternoon i had to change the fornt tyre of the car cause we explode one during the trip zakopane erfurt....and then i bike 2H with colin around

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

erfurt now

now i m in erfurt...yesterday i bike in the morning 1H30 and i did my sprint jump session in the evening.
today i skate on the ice , and got really good feeling...i can tell u glide more in erfurt than in zakopane^^. on the ice i did 10lap, 2x200m, 1X300m 1X400, 1X300...3 flying start, 2 standing start...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009


todya i skate a 1500m...1m55.something....still not so good ice, and still this damm altitude problem i can t solve. why my body don t understand how to adapt here? it is just 1000m and i m like a slow junior. so after this race i went bike 30min ...important to recovery a little better. after 1500m legs are full of it is never bad to active system to clean a bit...specially cause tomorow i race 1000m so if i don t want to die after 400M i better do it. also i did some resistance stretching again this morning after breakfast...i work my (brain) armsring...and my (bladder) gluteus muscle group... i could feel the difference in the warm up this morning. my hip was more free to move. ... tonight i eat pizza with colin speaking about all classic, our loves, tehcnics, the pizza^^ and results from other skaters. ...then i sharp my the speed of light...

Friday, October 23, 2009

today was pain in the

500m in zakopane went ok 38,1sec for me is ok 10,6 opening ...
then 5000m 7m14 hehe ok i didn t fight it too much and didn t get the best ice ever....but anyway ^^ i never did a 5000m on such a white ice...feel like glue, but good training anyway...
it is gonna feel really different next week end in erfurt i know...

then i bike a little...

tomorow i race 1500m...hope the ice is little better otherwise it is gonna be just pain again, but still i learn


i bike for 1H10 in the morning....after my core and push up of course.
then in afternoon i went in the city ...and at 4pm was ice training...10laps, 2x200m, 1X300m, 1X400m, few start and i m done....30min bike to recovery.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

find some good motivation

this morning i realize that i left my parents house in 1995...since that i m almost never been back home cause traveling around the world...since 14 years now... i miss them a lot and know that i will never been here training without the help they gave me. so today i train for them...parents, brother sister... yesterday afternoon was rest cause i couldn t anymore...this morning back on track with core push up...then running sprint and jumps...then 30min bike

Monday, October 19, 2009

ice training and bike

today was cool day 9am on the ice after a good long warm up...causé 2°c...
then 15lap, 2x200m ...1x300m, 1X400m 1X600m 1X400m and few start...then laps easy to cool down and try to understand technical thinks.
i start to skate in lower position now, my legs get use to it. i can put more power in my hip too, i also start to look more in front which is good otherwise my butt go up when i look down and my back get too round.
i m also learing how to move better my left arm in corner...

then i went to the gym, core training, like 6 differents exercice, plus some for lower back, push up...about 50... then bike 30min (boring)

in th eafternoon i biked again 1H30 but was less boring cause colin was there to speak and witek too...we watch xmen wolverine origin at same time...but my attention was going away from the movie, to think of technic...i m getting addicted to solve technical fact i know i will do this till it is done gone. there is no other option.

Sunday, October 18, 2009 progress

ok, now we have ice...i could skate correctly this morning...
so today , i did...push up and core again...
then ice..3X15lap then 30min bike
then slide board 2X10min 30sec/30sec and elastic work 2X4min 10sec.10sec...some more core
then 20min bike again...
colin is back form the trio is complete...colin witek and i...