Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1000m inline vs short track

i love berlin marathon

here is a cool link where u can see the all race in berlin 09...enjoy the final i m in green powerslide skinsuit...

brian, gwendal etc...i m proud of you

today, i just wanted to congratulate brian lepine and gwendal lepivert for their world championship results. brian was 4th, gwendal was 3rd....ok it is far from winning still but they keep working....ok it s far from french best result 1st world championship i was more than 20th in the 300m i didn t pass one round in the 500m...only the relay we did ok (alain arnaud me) till alain crash at the end.
14th year after i m with 8 world i just hope u keep working guys and keep this 8 numbers back in history...cause it s not really much compare to some other skater. yann won 4th already and i already told him i will be the one who buy the "champagne" when he make 9.
i m happy to work with brian and gwendal this year, so many time i heard it take 3 to 4 years to et good in seniors...guys you just show it is possible in one year if you work hard... and you did...ok i can tell you you can do more...your still learning...just keep working HARD cause you need to work HARDER than the other talent to beat them.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

blog ranking of september

as last month here is the top 10 of the country going on my blog...
1- france
2- netherland
3- germany
4- belgium
5- canada
6- danmark
7- japan
8- poland
9- united states
10- switzerland

Monday, September 28, 2009

talent is one point, work hard is another

i love to look skaters train. sometimes u see a kid with super cool talent, i look at him and think damm he skate too good, i wish i could skate like him. i just hope he will not forget to work hard otherwise he will be kick by...the one who is 10 places behind him today with little talent but working hard to come back.
i think i was the one behind when i was kid, all the guys who kick my ass learn me how to find in myself some extra power to get better. they could develop more power, so i would have to push with more efficiency to be faster...
that is what i did ... waiting that my body develop more and get more power, then i start to fly and win. most of those skaters i was running after when i was 14 15 16 stopped then. they had more talent, but forget to develop mental capacity to push harder, and to make better move. i often think of them, and when i see some young skater i give them the message. to the one who have talent, i tell him to be carrefull and keep working, i also tell him to enjoy this talent. to the one behind, i tell him to find in himself how to move with more efficiency. i tell him also to work more and more.
i have few friend who are world champion. they have talent, and they worked hard.

video race in holland

here a nice video of what race look like in holland...i love it

1st season time

so i race a bit this week en...500 in 38,5...1000 in 1m15.3....not so bad cause really i worked super hard this week...12 training total...
it is nice feeling to just keep going, i m on my knee...but colin make me keep going, and now im at the point when the body just accept it and keep going. i love this feeling.

this morning, 3x20 laps...and this afternoon , track and field training running start and jump

Thursday, September 24, 2009

thialf still...

all is fine in thialf..yesterday i skate some flying lap ...27,2sec pushing mainly the corner for 1st time speed on the ice. then i did few start.
today was running start at the track and field track and i inline 50min in the afternoon behind some colin and sara on the bike...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

thialf training

now i m in heerenveen with witek mazur. yesterday we did some interval 2x4x 500/500 in the morning and we went to the track and field for start training in the evening. after this we went to haico bouma to reround some blades...and it was time to eat.

today i run this morning and i will inline this evening for 1h as aerobic training. colin coates arrive tonight by plane in schipol.

rest of the time of course i watch world championship in china on internet

Sunday, September 20, 2009

ich bin ein berliner^^

yesterday i did berlin marathon...nice to race world cup...has always speed is super high but pack is big so it is easy to follow. race is still for sure the best and biggest race ever....
many attacks, but rb guys did some work to keep group compact.i try few times, thomas boucher also...but no way to i decide to save my energy for a strong finish...
a special thanks to a cool superter on the guy was with a flag to support me " allé pascal briand" and a french flag...always nice...

then in final i take my chance and attack in the last kilometer...take a correct advantage...pass the big door...still in front...finish stone parT...still in front...300m...Still...200m...still....150...100...then the rocket pack pass me...
hehe not this year for me...^^ but what a cool feeling to pass the brandenburg door alone in front with this massive spectator making noise...thanks^^

thanks berlin...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

my knee...still carefull

i still feel a bit my right knee...not so bad i can train, but i just do once a day this week not to take risk. i am still not sure what cause tendon is little inflamate in the insertion of intern quadricep.

i run more than usual last month so it could be this...
something not in place in my hip since my bike crash...
new position on the bike due to change of bike...
need little adjustement in setting of my inline...

i isolate most of the factor for a while to try to find the cause and so far i would say it is the setting of my inline cause the small pain is little harder when i skate, specially in straight this evening i try new setting

Monday, September 14, 2009

in bordeaux this week

this week i m in bordeaux for work...matthieu is at wold championship so i take care of his future champion in the training center.
nice weather here and good to train new talents...i love it... other time of the day i just keep training myself for the world cup.

this morning i could do my start training...nice track and field area here. all seems fine, i feel my abs session are paying leg can move faster and power is coming more and more....just little pain to the right i m carefull.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

rijssen: 4TH again

4th again this week end...good shape good speed...but arjan smit was really the strongest yesterday...and also more smart eheh he didn t got affraid to start the sprint...good choise.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

berlin finish back in holland

may 3 days in berlin are over i m back in holland. i test pretty much all the blade i wanted...Ma*** alu steel laser....and vik***
so now i know what i will skate on...
may be i will put a picture of my skate soon...

today i went running and do some pliometric work. this evening i will inline 1lap:1lap interval at the track in wolvega...

Monday, September 07, 2009

90 lap done

so today was 3x 20lap and 1x10....good day...thinking a lap about my technic: sitting deep and focus on my hsoulder like colin always say.

berlin training camp

now i m few days in berlin for a training camps where i m gonna choose my skate for this season. i learn it is not good to change material during season, so i use few days just to decide witch one are the best for me then i stay on it...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

blog statistic

ok, here is my blog championship...1000people on my blog...let's do the ranking by august
1st france 408
2nd nethelrand 189
3rd germany 087
4th belgium 080
5th rusisa 068
6h canada 051
7th japon 049
8th danemark 044
9th poland 032
10th usa 029
thanks to all of you....i m working to put some video soon...and more informations still. i also see you like when i crash ahaha 3 times more people on my blog this day...but sorry i will stay in balance as long as i can

Saturday, September 05, 2009

twello 4th place

nice lap in twello...and rain in the few first lap so as i like i start fast and see what i m in breakway in a group of 3 , 20sec leading...but it s getting dry so no need to insist too much.
then lap get almost dry and everybody got slow with rain wheels^^ it was fun for the legs...but i feel good today. few laps from the end a group of 3 go...shit my team can t control, other team i pick up 4th place to show teammate that they didn t work for nothing...and soon it could pay off...

Friday, September 04, 2009

running in the rain

classic of the classic...super windy day but almost i wait that the track open in i m getting ready to skate...and 18h58 it start to
so i went running.
tomorow i race in twello, i hope no rain even if i love to skate under rain condition. it remember me rome world cup with franck cardin when we attack from the start on the small stone road under super wet condition.

room mate wanted

hi dear all, i m in holland now and i m looking for people to leave in the house with me and sara. we have 2 bedrooms left in the house in wolvega, 10km form thialf...if you are interested please contact me on my mail for more details.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

on the way to holland

today i was driving to holland, i stopped in lille tonight in hotel to make the trip easier. also i then had time to go run and do abs...
tomorow i will inline, 1Min/1min and go to yves for bath and energy test.

yesterday i did good flying lap at the track 16.3 best time so far this year, so i have a good speed for next week end. but mainly i was super happy with my accdeleration...probably coming back from the track and field training