Wednesday, September 30, 2009

brian, gwendal etc...i m proud of you

today, i just wanted to congratulate brian lepine and gwendal lepivert for their world championship results. brian was 4th, gwendal was 3rd....ok it is far from winning still but they keep working....ok it s far from french best result 1st world championship i was more than 20th in the 300m i didn t pass one round in the 500m...only the relay we did ok (alain arnaud me) till alain crash at the end.
14th year after i m with 8 world i just hope u keep working guys and keep this 8 numbers back in history...cause it s not really much compare to some other skater. yann won 4th already and i already told him i will be the one who buy the "champagne" when he make 9.
i m happy to work with brian and gwendal this year, so many time i heard it take 3 to 4 years to et good in seniors...guys you just show it is possible in one year if you work hard... and you did...ok i can tell you you can do more...your still learning...just keep working HARD cause you need to work HARDER than the other talent to beat them.

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