Monday, September 28, 2009

talent is one point, work hard is another

i love to look skaters train. sometimes u see a kid with super cool talent, i look at him and think damm he skate too good, i wish i could skate like him. i just hope he will not forget to work hard otherwise he will be kick by...the one who is 10 places behind him today with little talent but working hard to come back.
i think i was the one behind when i was kid, all the guys who kick my ass learn me how to find in myself some extra power to get better. they could develop more power, so i would have to push with more efficiency to be faster...
that is what i did ... waiting that my body develop more and get more power, then i start to fly and win. most of those skaters i was running after when i was 14 15 16 stopped then. they had more talent, but forget to develop mental capacity to push harder, and to make better move. i often think of them, and when i see some young skater i give them the message. to the one who have talent, i tell him to be carrefull and keep working, i also tell him to enjoy this talent. to the one behind, i tell him to find in himself how to move with more efficiency. i tell him also to work more and more.
i have few friend who are world champion. they have talent, and they worked hard.

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