Wednesday, November 11, 2009

statisctic october

so it is about 2month now i update normaly this blog. thanks for following me. your about 6000people are following me so far^^ thanks.
here is country ranking for october:
1 france
2 netherland
3 germany
4 canada
5 poland
6 belgium
7 united states
8 danemark^^
9 japon
10 india

i also add possibility to writte comment now, so if you have any question or things you wanna know...just writte


sathya said...

i am following your blog for last 2months i am really inspired by your hard work.. if u can give some tips on inline training means it will be helpful for us..

arjansmit said...

nice updates, nice pictures, very nice movies. Keep them coming!
And maybe you can tell us more about your road to Vancouver. What times you have to skate and what classification in World Cup??