Monday, November 09, 2009

summary 1st world cup

so now i m back in is the story of what happen last few days...

thursday...i was training doing some 200 300 400 with colin to check the technic. i need some speed cuase tomorow i race the 1000m...i hope 1m11 something...

friday...1st i receive some sms to wish me good weekend. antoine belzanne and his familiy send me a super nice support message. antoine is the best inline skater in france in junior. i was really happy form this message i enjoyed it and it make me better in my skating and in life. few hours later i was on the starting line for the 1000m...and i did 1m12.12 that is 0,8sec faster than my best time in europe so far so it show i m in progress. in sprint every 0,1 is good to take. so my opening was 17,4...pretty good for me then 1st lap 26,6sec very good for me ...then 28,0 ...damm i m supposed to hold more speed... so what happen??? simple i just push the straight the turn so i didnt had energy to skate storng in the turn which is where i m suppose to built my speed. i learn a lot in this race. now i have to switch my mind fomr inline to ice. i must not focus on what is outside like i naturaly do...but go more insise...stay quite...quite in mind to go faster.
so main poit, now i built turn like crazy , and relax my straight cause that is not where i make speed. if i work it i will loose speed.

saturday, i was not racing, so in training i work on it with colin 2x700m with just full speed in turn , almost nothing in is good. my head strart to get the message... after ice 30min bike as always.

sunday...;i race 1500m....1m48.61 damm good for me i did what i had to do and finish 10th in ranking...only 1sec form 1st ..level is super high here too. so i open 24,2 which is correct, then 1st lap 26,9 which was the plan...1nd lap: 28,4 i relax little too much then ...but then 3rd lap 29.0 was really felt really good. i got feelings in the turn i never got before on the ice.i put my left leg little more to the inside to get a longer push and it worked great. i could built my turn much more....after race 30min bike and...doping control... in the afternoon 45Min bike

today monday...wake up at 7h30...did some abs and push ups...then breakfast...then pack bags, try to put all in the car^^ and drive to holland...

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