Friday, January 15, 2010

japan earthquake and world sprint

since thursday i m in japon...1st time ever for me...nice trip almsot empty plane so i could sleep good and watch 2x mickael jackson movie , this is it...i just love the way he nice so respectfull of the planet and see much talent in one person.

i never felt an earthquake, except when i met sara ^^ , but when i was in plane i was thinking would be strange to feel one....and bingo..1st night in obihiro...earthquake 5.0.....juhuuuu.
anyway, i was lucky that japan had technology in the building for this. i send good luck to people from haiti that got one too but with much more dramatic consequence. i wish them to get full help from the world.

then yesterday i train in hte new track from obihiro...prety good, ice is good. in the afternoon i went to my own drawing...this week end i athlete coach and team leader....full time job for me...colin we all (me and ur skating friends) miss u here

today 500m again jorg dallmann and 1000m against usa

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