Monday, February 15, 2010


number of the month...
3600 people following my blog per month

3600 genies^^ suivent mon blog chaque mois^

from 43 countries
de 43 pays


Anonymous said...

Normal, il est super ton blog, et suivre les Jeux de l'intérieur comme ça c'est Exceptionnel. "Merde" à Alexis et à toi pour vos prochaines épreuves.

Delphine Gruau

masp said...

Bonjour Pascal,
my french is very limited... nevertheless I picked up a few statements from stating that Alexis is somehow unhappy with being 6th being so close winning a medal for France.

Obviously he did so good ( comparing the picture with the recording of his performance), but finally 2sec too slow from being among the first three.

So - since "these tiny time differences" are the key I like to wish you and Alexis good mood and a strong focus for the upcoming events.

Bon Courage - cheers