Tuesday, October 12, 2010

medical test^^

this week i did my medical test. it s a serie of test to check the health of athlete that we have to do in france 2 or 3 times a year. sometimes we get interesting information to follow our shape.
good news this year is that i m 5kg lighter than last year at the same period and 3% less fat. it show me i eat better. good food is important for sport and last year i made mistake on this topics.
it s also probably a good reason why i was feeling better on the ice last week.

my heart rate when i rest was 44...which is also good. normally my lowest is 36 and my max is 209...

im still 183cm high^^ small chance that this value except when i will get too old...but not yet as some people try to make me feel^^ (not my friends^^)

blood value, i didn t get them yet...may be in few days.

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largestprime said...

interesting... my resting is usually 40 and max of 240...

you're not old!

so... you're going to keep skating world cups. Cool. Maybe I'll see you in Heerenveen next month :)