Thursday, November 25, 2010


last week end , i raced in berlin. 6m40.1 on 5000m....grrrr 0,1sec from qualification time for the 10km in hamar. anyway i m happy wiht it for now. after 5weeks on the ice 6m40 is my best 5000m race in europe. i have to enjoy this even if there is still a lot to do. this year my mind is more open to learn technic. i start to understand thing on ice i could not even see before. it s interesting.
sara is skating super great so i m really happy for her.

the team pursuit was terrible for me. after 4 laps i died like i never did before, that was really a day "without" for me. now i m in hamar for a 2nd team race...

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Anonymous said...

Some years ago, The Beatles made a mistake: All you need is not love but skating technic.