Wednesday, October 14, 2009

slide board and inline

yesterday after breakfast i went direct to the gym. doing some slide board exercice with a mirror to correct technique. joey mantia is also doing this. i recommand you to go on his blog and check , also super interesting information: real champion to share all this.
so after slide board, i went do some low walk for about 30minutes...4Min down , 1 rest....
after was time to go teach the kids...wonderfull training with them. they learn fast,they did 30km , with tehcnical advice every lap ... amazing difference in technic at the end.
in the afternoon, they did 20km again , then slide board, super leg, slide board and core... mainly all based on technic. i m so surprised that frenhc skater are not educate at all about technic. they are just skating without thinking of it;... i m happy i can educate them about this as i love it. looking all details and fix i can.

in the afternoon and evening i went with Joe the coach of artistic skating, to look how they train...super cool speaking with joe to improved the training. it is just as interesting to work this. i meet also a young talent 18years old, he looked so much like me at same age. just doing doing doing again and again his jump, till it is done good, smiling all the time. very award of his outside , but no feeling form the inside... interesting talk with him and his coach.

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