Saturday, October 17, 2009

zakopane...the place not to be

ok, zakopane 2nd try...and u know what...still a big joke 10days they couldn t really make the ice good i couldn't skate today. the manager of the track start to put pressure and ask for ice at 9am tomorow...otherwise i don t know...
anyway, so far zakopane the place not to be...can u imagine no ice 7 days before the polish championship start here...what a if it is not ready at 9am....i go to berlin^^

beside this zakopane is nice place...i just need ice^^

so then today, i did push up and core...till i couldn t do one more...then breakfast, then i went to weight room and did my jump program 4 times...then 5x1min slide board again to fix my arms, then i bike 20min
in the afternoon i little nap, but no sleep just lay...then i bike 1H20 and did 5X1min static in low position....

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