Sunday, November 15, 2009

1000m and team poursuit

so this morning, i train on the ice at 8h15...few laps, 200m 200m 400m and fastest lap ever again for me 25,8 inner lane...
then i went for the 1000m race
17,4 opening same as berlin
26,6 same as berlin
28,1 ...0,1 slower than berlin....
grrrr i didn t skate so good...1m12.28 ... i was too in hurry again and forget to take time to pay....i have to move slower to go faster^^ not easy to put in my mind^^

in the afternoon we did team race...3M52,9 ....5sec faster than last years...ranking 12th...we keeped the 8laps with 28sec but we need to go faster.

then i went to bike again and i did some push up 7x10...and some core.
then i spoke with one of the coach around the ice about how to get the timing on the push....thanks for the tips

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