Wednesday, November 25, 2009

calgary here i m

so monday morning, we took a bus to the airport. we fly to calgary with a pit stop in frankfurt, long nice trip so i could watch 2 very good movies: my sister so nice...and food inc...hum: make me think even more how important is the food. we should be more carrefull about what we eat.

today monday, i went on the ice with alexis...4X8min easy. the ice is really super fast here. it is a different world, almost not the same sport^^.
in the afternoon i run easy at 130bpm for 40min. 1st day in calgary mean little altitude adaption , so i have to be carefull and not go to intensity.

tehcnically, i took more time to skate, more time to put pressure on my skate. i stand little more straight with my upper body on the skate so i can seat easier on the back of the skate: i feel the push better like this.

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