Saturday, November 14, 2009

day between races...

today i don t most of the world cup my program is 1 dya race, 1 day rest, 1 day race...i like this.
so this morning i could train on ice before the races start from 8h15 to 9h00...i did 8laps with tristan loy , then 2X200m...then 1x600m...which was good cause my lap time for flying lap was 26,09 inner line...fastest this year so far. normally i did 26,5 always.
so that was good session, i could sit more than usual, thinking a lot of pushing as far as i can with my left leg in corner then sit again , and again and ....again...and even when i remember it, colin tell it again every lap.
then i went on bike 30min....and i watch the 500m B group...and i spoke with friends.
today i meet Nora Vega which was one of the fastest skater on quads and inline in the past^^..she is a legend in argentina. it is nice she come watch ice event and help develop this sport.
i also meet Derek parra few days ago....big exemple for my generation. world champion inline, quads, and olympic champion on ice....he is now the coach of chad...
check one of his youtube video...

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