Friday, November 13, 2009

how far from qualification i am?

ok so if i need a top 16 in time ...

in berlin was 10th in B group...and 20skaters from A was faster so i got
time 30th......14th place from qualification
to get top 16 i needed 1m47.57 so 1sec04 faster

in heerenveen i was grrr again 10th in B group and 18 skaters from A was faster so i got
time 28th...still 12th place form qualification
ot get top 16 i needed 1M48.03 so 1sec08 faster

...damm not so much...just imagine 1sec^^...form 1M48 so i need to improve from not even 1%....0,99% progress should be enought^^

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Anonymous said...

Allez Pascal, j'y crois, on y crois tous, tu vas y arriver. Continues comme ça.

Une roller girl qu'y s'est essayée au shortrack