Friday, November 20, 2009

oldies but goodies

try to find me can also find cedric michaud may be^^...

or just enjoy the finish picture of rennes in ...1994...tristan ur so good^^


Anonymous said...

Hehe, hi Pascal,

I guess that Cedric Michaud is the one with the yellow helmet (the famous giro one from Greg Lemon ;o)), next in black: Benjamin Loisel, you Pascal you just behind benjamin, with the red helmet. Is it not Guillaume Gicquel, completly on the right of the picture green jersey? So cool to see that!

Renan Le Houerff

RenanLH said...

Hehe, so cool to see these pictures.
Pascal Briand is on the second line with the red helmet, just behind Benjamin Loisel (black suit). Cedric Michaud is on the left with the yellow helmet, green suit.;o)