Saturday, December 12, 2009

1500m and 500m

yesterday 1500m was terrible, my body still dont like altitude at is faster but i m going slower than at sea level cause i can t breath and my pulses are just super high all the 1500m was painfull 1m49.03...i m going slower when most of the skater go like 3 sec faster.... anyway i think i save my spot in the top 40 for now i will just wait the decision of cnosf to send me or not...i hope they will understand that my body will work better in vancouver at sea level than here in salt lake. also then i hope i will fix my knee problem.

and then i got picked in the doping control of i give a little more blood and pie stop^^. good to have control, but come on...why controling a guy who finish 23rd in B group....random technic....ok but i think they should always control people on the podium as we do on inline....

anyway today was normally short enought so i dont die from altitude effect even if my power is affected 500m was ok new personal record with 36.51.....i opened 10.4 then 26,09 in the lap wich is good...that is what i m supposed to open in a 1500m but....ok next time.

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