Tuesday, December 08, 2009

3rd day hummm same

Yesterday I raced 1000m and same story continu. My knee was about 5% better
so I could sit little more. In the start I felt my groin muscle in my right leg, c
but opening was correct 17.3 then In my first inner corner I slipped and stop to skate for
a while. Lap time was still ok 26.3 but I lost too much speed so then I arrive at the crossing at same moment
as the other skater and had to slow down to let him go... Worst scenario possible. Final time 1.11.6 ...

In the afternoon i went again too Aaron nardella to fix m'y knee. This guy is really great. It nice to meet people like this
in life. I hope I will be able to help other people as much as he do.

Now I m in airport in Denver... It is pit stop on the way to salt lake... Last chance to qualify for olympic.
One race one opportunity.

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