Thursday, December 03, 2009

my favorite picture

this is my favorite picture of me skating. it has been made yesterday by Arno, one of the canadian coach from calgary. he is coaching lot of skaters from differente country and specially danemark. yesterday he was there, and the good light in the oval too. he took this super cool picture. thanks Arno.
what i also like in this picture is the lines...the blue line of the track...the red line in the back. i love the reflect of the blue of the skinsuit on my right blade...and how the red viking bridge shine.
if you look my face you have to know what i was thinking at this exact moment. i was doing 4laps in 30sec average. i was tired, my legs was burning and i was not feeling super good. i was thinking of this pain, and i was thinking that i have to keep doing long push, using lot of ice. when i see this picture i m happy , i can see that i m using correctly my left leg, with a good extention. this picture change my day, i felt really happy when Arno came and give me this surprised.

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