Saturday, December 26, 2009

training training

so now big focus on european ... i will need to improve my 5km for sure cause i didn t work this so far now...only raced few 3km at begining of the season. my knee is so so but better than few weeks ago anyway. so i will need more laps in my training so i decide to start on marathon race 1st divisie tonight in groningen ... 100 laps at good speed in the middle of a pack of 100 skaters is perfect for me... then tomorow i will go indoor for a inline training so i can do some real short interval session till legs burn full with a high pulses frequency...that is what my body need to react.
on the 30 i will race the mass start in heerenveen...a 40lap race with 20 best top divisie marathon and 10 long track skater.... perfect to get good race speed...

thanks Arno for the picture

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