Monday, October 19, 2009

ice training and bike

today was cool day 9am on the ice after a good long warm up...causé 2°c...
then 15lap, 2x200m ...1x300m, 1X400m 1X600m 1X400m and few start...then laps easy to cool down and try to understand technical thinks.
i start to skate in lower position now, my legs get use to it. i can put more power in my hip too, i also start to look more in front which is good otherwise my butt go up when i look down and my back get too round.
i m also learing how to move better my left arm in corner...

then i went to the gym, core training, like 6 differents exercice, plus some for lower back, push up...about 50... then bike 30min (boring)

in th eafternoon i biked again 1H30 but was less boring cause colin was there to speak and witek too...we watch xmen wolverine origin at same time...but my attention was going away from the movie, to think of technic...i m getting addicted to solve technical fact i know i will do this till it is done gone. there is no other option.

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